Enuma Elish

01. The Flood
02. Burning Pride
03. Chains of Labor
04. RFID
05. Nibiru
06. Enuma Elish
07. The Loss
08. Blood Obsession
09. The Ordeal
10. Sycamore part I
11. Sycamore part II

Xav Jenx - Vocals, Bass
Jessy - Guitars
Max - Guitars
Lyynk - Keyboards, Sound Fx
Tiko - Drums

Fuseless (2007)



Released 11/5-2012
Reviewed 4/10-2012


Over the years Jenx has become the world's most respected company dedicated to developmental furniture for children. Every day we apply our expertise in paediatric therapy and innovative design to finding better ways to help children with special postural support needs. That is what greets the visitor to which could have been this band’s website had they been a bit more clever selecting a name to which they could have a .com domain, although it is the same with coultrymen of Dagoba which is an indian engineering company. But lets not dwell on bad postures, names or such, Enuma Elish is the second album by Jenx and it has an ugly cover artwork, or maybe I should say boring which feels more appropriate than ugly.

The band themselves sounds extremely french and the less clever reviewer would have written things like Dagoba, Gojira, Loudblast, Trepalium, Hypno5e or any other french band namedropping they could figure out, but I don’t do that as I describes their industrial styled metal that has a fair bit of groove. The singer is as groovy as Scooby Doo performing in the back of the mystery machine, which means that he growls with a sense of groove and catchiness, it is quite good actually and not like a dog. The production is excellent, the sound enhance the dynamics of the music, I would say that it is a quality product along the lines one could expect from a company like Jenx.

I think they do everything really well and nothing really wrong but still I cannot really find a reason to really like this or even focus on it. Everytime I listen to it my mind starts drifting off thinking about what to write in the reviews for other bands being played simultaneously, the songs are good but they still don’t grab me for some reason. I have been contemplating wether or not this is down do the fact that they sound so typically French, anyone hearing them will ever doubt their origin and that is not always a good thing. The fact is that there is always a sense of familiarity over this album, like you have heard it before and that despite the fact that I know for sure that I have never heard this album before. Then I started thinking and the singer sounds like the singer of Gojira, their sound reminds of Hypno5e or Darkane, the overall sound is very french and that probably is it, they sound more or less ike everything else.

Enuma Elish is a good album to listen to but it feels like it arrives a few years to late, this music made into public consciousness by the success of Gojira has been done a lot since and before which is why it feels like Jenx are just another duck in that pond. A duck that follows the leader duck and not really thinks of its own, sure the album is not a duck but neither is it spectacular.



Label: Klonosphere/Season of Mist
Three similar bands: Darkane/Hyno5e/Gojira
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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