The Breaking Point

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Kittie/Paramore/Sevendust
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Like A Ghost
2. No End Of Us
3. Naive
4. The Breaking Point

Lea Ceder - Drums
My Andersson - Vocals
Lisette Leskinen - Guitar
Madde Ceder - Guitar



Recorded in Toytown Studios together with song writer and producer Per Aldeheim

Released 22/9-2012
Reviewed 4/12-2012


Swedish quartet Imber recently released their debut EP and it is one from a rather special band as they are all female, something that still is quite rare in the padded cells of the metal world. I know nothing about these girls but they do look quite metal when looking at the pictures on their website, and they like Barbie which shows if you are allowed to watch the video in this review, youtube wanted me to login to watch it as some said it was inappropriate which is just fucking stupid to say but then again they are americans so anything remotely sexish is dangerous and might destroy the youth according to many americans. Now you really want to see that video, don’t you? Go ahead, do it! But what about when they are not playing around with Barbie dolls?

Then they play some heavy and evil metal with lots of balls as some would say, I don’t use words like that though. It goes hard hitting and the vocals are both clean singing with some abyssal roars like from the crypt of satan’s infant or something like that. Well produced it is, which means that the sound is excellent and modern as well. The variation is also good over the quartet of tracks this EP has, have you ever heard the female band Kittie? they sound quite alike those, even the girlie growls reminds of Morgan who is singing for Kittie. It is also a short EP which means that you can play it many times before you die or in an hour or during a work day or however you like to take in your music. I would say that the just short of 17 minutes it lasts is a tad on the shorter side and it would not have hurt with a pair of extra tracks just to add a bit more substance but I think we can assume that an album will probably follow within a year or so.

I would call this a good EP, it has energy, dynamics and really good songs, four of them. No real weak points either, the short playing time might be called one if you are a picky person. It is a bit of a dualism in the songs though seeing that two of them are quite excellent while the other two are good but not that special, that might be something that some may find a bit negative but it is not a big problem. Moreover I think that we can call this EP quite exciting and interesting, and it is a powerful album that bodes well for this band’s future.

If you ever wondered, the best two tracks are the opening one called Like a Ghost and the third one Naive which both are really great tracks that I really like and had I made playlists and shit like that I would probably had these two tracks on such a playlist, but I don’t so I just listen to the entire EP every now and then. So, this all means that the results in tonight’s hockey games were brilliant for my team and that this EP is a great listen for anyone who enjoys music with power, energy and some femininity. The metal world really needs more female beauty and these girls are a good addition to this world and they add a bit of nice flair to it as well. Great music near the breaking point perhaps, well worth to have a look at.



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