Hammer Fight

1. Down The Line
2. Disas-Tour
3. Stuck In The Chamber
4. Tears of Unfathomable Sadness
5. School of Rock
6. Get Wrecked
7. If You Want Blood (You Got It)

Drew Murphy-Bass, Vocals
Rob Guidotti-Guitar
Todd Stern-Guitar
Justin Spaeth-Drums




Released ??/??-2011
Reviewed 14/1-2012


What happens when Motörhead and Sick of it All gets intoxicated and starts assaulting people in the bar with savage beatings? Apparently Hammer Fight happens. The information does not state what a Hammer Fight is though, is it punishable by law? Is it a form of assault? There is an american band called that, maybe they take a lift and come up through the floor while the other guys are beating bar people to unconsciousness. That would be something for the press to write about, wouldn’t it? Is maybe the Hammer Fight a punishment for beating up bar people? One thing I first noticed when getting this EP was the fact that it had a cover art that looked like crap, complete rubbish just black with an ugly skull on black background. It is something that doesn’t look tempting in any sense of the way, self titled it is and also self released and financed which may or it may not make it interesting.

Rooted in the hardcore according to a review I read and for that they should according to that same review it is quite diverse for a band spawned from that area of the rock music. Punkrock is another description that can be used in terms of genre when it comes to this band, Motörhead is another. Original? No, I wouldn’t say that they are, but they do show some energy, quite raw, unpolished, straightforward, aggressive are all words that can be used when talking about the music of the band called Hammer Fight. There are no real surprises over this eighteen and a half minute, seven track EP but at the same time I do not think it is aimed at an audience that is looking for that kind of music.

I think this EP is neither good nor bad, to be honest it is one of those musical pieces that doesn’t really do anything for me whatsoever. I think one problem is that it offers music that has been done many times before and music that wasn’t really that brilliant to begin with. One thing about being in the industry of creating things is to make something of your own and that is nothing Hammer Fight really succeed in doing with their music as it feels like it is another piece by Motörhead or any of their peers. In a way they are as exciting as the presentation of a new iPhone, which means more or less a complete waste of time and resources.

Now I don’t think Hammer Fight is a complete waste because the Motörhead cliental will probably find this very good and interesting, it seems to be aimed at an audience more interested in attitude than music and just listens to music because it is heavy and energetic rather than anything else. There are quite a few of those guys around, look at the sales of Motörhead if you don’t believe me which is why I think that they can do rather well in the future, that is if they can find a label to really promote them and then also makes a slightly less static album with a somewhat more refined sound than this EP has to offer. I would say that for the Motörhead genre it is a decent starting point.

If you think that music should portray in some way the soul of the artist and, then I believe that you will not find this band particularly interesting as their EP is both unoriginal and static in its music. There are a lot more things for the band to do for them to evolve into something interesting rather than one more band copying their favourite music because this is what this band feels like at the moment. Maybe with a bit of maturity they might also make music that can reach a wider audience, but for now I think the Motörhead fans are the ones that will find this good. I saw two reviews thinking that this album was good, I have no idea about their preference and how they usually tend to review stuff but I would say that a 4/5 rating is high no matter what musical preference you have, they are definitely not that good.

I would say a rather uneventful, unoriginal EP that probably will appeal to the fans of Motörhead and the bikers.



Label: Self Released
Three similar bands: Motörhead/Sick of it All/AC/DC
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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