Scooping the Cranial Insides

01. Toia Mai
02. Beyond The Freakish Scene
03. Split 3 To Share
04. Sphincterized
05. Hanged By The Cojones
06. Acephalus Meatgrind Orgy Hibernation
07. Stream Of Psychopathic Devourment
08. Sicko
09. Anal Core
10. Re-Reborn Monstrosity
11. The Misanthropes (Tortured, Decayed And Cursed)
12. Ravenous Loathing
13. 10 Cummandments
14. Eskeletos De Kona
15. Barbie Doll Fuck’em All
16. Decrepit Pussies Cabaret

Pedra - Vocals
Ivo - Guitar
Alex - Bass, Backing Vocals
Rolando - Drums, Backing Vocals

Macabre Requiems (1995)
Odes to the Carnivorous (2001)



Released 16/7-2012
Reviewed 9/8-2012


If Anachronaeon who I reviewed earlier had one of the best cover artworks of the year, this one has probably one of the worst and most ridiculous as well. The Portuguese band is releasing their third album of their very long career that spans for around two decades, and they are said to be grind or brutal death metal. That are two genres that I am usually not compatible with as most of the music of that genre sucks but the thing is that I cannot judge this one upon what other albums labeled the same have done. So without any preconceptions I look into this album which has a cover art that sucks big time.

Musically it is yelling, screaming, growling and what ever other “singing” is done over a soundscape of pure instrumental abuse. It is somewhat heavy and it sounds about as any other grindcore does, nothing really unique comes out of this album. But of course albums don’t have to be unique to be good but it often helps and I am not that certain that this album will be found particularly appealing to most people. In terms with tradition the songs are short and the sixteen that makes up this album doesn’t even play for 40 minutes and during those 40 there is not much in terms of variation. It is relatively well produced for a grindcore album, but quite rough and with a brutally cheap sound.

This album is bad, there is no other way to look at it. It sounds as excrements would sound if they were music, which means that it is brown. The most redeeming feature of this album is the short intro that sounds a bit like tribal music, after that it sounds really bad. Most of this album is just a random collection of noise, aggressive yelling, silly lyrics and overall boring is something that can be said of this album. An album that hasn’t been that impressively reviewed overall either with low or average reviews making the majority of the reviews I found around the web. Many said the same thing I felt when listening, that they really wanted to press the stop button well before the album even reached its halfway point.

To me this is definitely one of the worst album I have heard in a while, the one or two redeeming features may keep it from landing the lowest score that we award but seriously a few days or weeks with H5N1 would clearly be preferable to listening another time to this album. Well the best thing about this album now that I have reviewed it is that I can delete it from my computer now.



Label: Murder Records
Three similar bands: Sadistic Mutilation/Exulcerate/Rupture Christ
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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