Give em Blood
Seven Sins

1. Introduction
2. Beautiful Black Heart
3. Lifeless
4. Interlude
5. Love 2.1
6. Brakish Rain
7. Sinking
8. Save Me...
9. Heroical Demise

Matthias - Vocals
Markus - Guitar
Benjamin - Guitar
Martin - Bass
David – Drums

Split CD with Dos Dias De Sangre (2010)


Mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder
Artwork by Jelle Swanen

Released 7/9-2012
Reviewed 15/11-2012


Hmm, naming a band Give em Blood sounds a bit like a strange idea and I think it is quite easy to pinpoint a genre of. Metalcore is the talk of the town coming to this band and their album is centred around the seven deadly sins, so you could say that it is a bloody sinful album. That was a fucking great play on words, and the cover art is quite black to just radically change the subject. This is another metalcore band debuting this year, it begs for me to question why try to establish oneself in a genre that is already overcrowded and lately it has felt as though the promotors have been throwing these kinds of albums at me, and to be honest I am getting quite fed up on this genre. Still, I knew nothing of that when I first played this album and it has been spinning for about a dozen times now, which is why I am writing some stuff about it now. The band is German and they have at least made an album that isn’t an hour long and that is at least commendable.

What is not commendable is the lack of originality this band has, sure they have an intro and an interlude but that feels more like filling out the album to at least make it half an hour and not really to add anything to the album itself. It is quite heavy and decently varied but all kept within the standard format and the album can be said to be quite predictable, no surprises here and the spoken words used at times don’t really add anything to the story. The production is neither good nor bad, it is alright I guess you could say. The vocals are average as well and on the production side I think you can deduce that this album as a whole is rather average.

For you who like the genre this is probably quite alright, for you who are loosely interested it is nothing particularly exciting as we have already been through stuff like this several times. They do what they do decently well but it is hard to get enthusiastic over the fifty millionth similar album I hear just this year, alright that might be exaggerating just slightly but it feels as this album is another part of the metalcore epidemic that runs over the world right now, fortunately this is not a deadly disease and it can be rather good at times. This is not bad but neither is it good.

I like the intro and the interlude the best, it is mainly because the seven other tracks don’t thrill me much at all and these tracks aren’t that great either to be honest but at least they break off from the monotony of the rest of the album. So if you enjoy the metalcore genre you probably will enjoy this album as well, if you like me just like the occasional album of the genre you’d do best to leave this album alone.



Label: Bastardized Recordings/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: Emmure/Breakdown of Sanity/Heart in Hand
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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