Label: Eisenwald/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Grey Waters/Woods of Desolation
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. My Only Hope
2. So Lonely, Dead Lonely
3. Only When Every Timepiece in the world is Smashed Part 1
4. Only When Every Timepiece in the world is Smashed Part 2
5. Cold Grey Dawn (A New Beginning)
6. Loss/Acquiescence

Tim Yatras - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Programming, Piano, Orchestration

Wish (2012)



Released 15/10-2012
Reviewed 29/11-2012


Australian Tim is the man behind Germ, a band that he is as it is his one man band. A project where is lets his ideas and inspirations flow freely or something like that, the press info was a tad sketchy due to it being annoyingly written without paragraphs to help readability which is why I didn’t read it as such things is difficult on a screen. I know however that this is the second effort by Germ following the debut called Wish, this one called Loss is said to be an EP but considering it is 35 minutes long I would call it an album but sure if they sell it for the price of an EP that would be great. The cover art is not too exciting but what about what is inside that artwork?

It is not the easiest thing to describe as it is a musical style that encompasses several styles sort of grained down into one, we find elements of pop music, rock, metal, black metal, classical and a whole lot more. It may sound like it would be some incoherent fragmentations in here but it is remarkably well held together and it feels a bit restrictive even which is quite impressive. The sound is very good and very coherent and the songs feel a bit like they follow a logical path even with very good song titles, the vocals are also exciting ranging from panicking screams/growls in despair to fine clean singing actually sounding quite close to Neal Morse. Wide ranging musical stylistics produced really well, this is a really well made album and it has a reasonable playing time as well.

I would say that this is a well thought out very good album that will appeal to anyone who enjoys their music just a little more thought provoking than your everyday stuff. It is also simplistic enough to be easily appealing but at the same time it has enough depth to allow you a longer journey of discovery through the songs. I would call this a rather exciting and interesting album that is quite capturing with its great songs and atmospheres. I mean a song called Only When Every Timepiece in the World is Smashed, is there a statement that I can agree with more? Well, it probably is but a world without timepieces, that sounds like a glorious prospect I hope it will happen as I really hate planning and schedules and the concept of time. Those are good songs as well as are the rest of the songs and I am not sure I have a favourite on the album.

All is not brilliant though, I think the panicky screams are a bit too frequent to really have the required effect and there are some parts in songs that feel a bit too sketchy for my taste but these are in the grander scheme of things just minor niggles and as a whole this is a brilliant album. It is one that I recommend to all who enjoys their music a bit more adventurous and possibly not for those who likes the narrower and more conventional stuff. To me this is a great album, be sure to have a look at it.



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