Freedom Slaves

1. The Prophet
2. Pain 04
3. Ashes of Today
4. A Life
5. Say Goodbye
6. Today Will Never Say
7. Changes
8. Four Days
9. Promises You Need

Daniel Marco Celotti - L. Vocals & Keys
David Bressani - Guitars & Back. Vocals
Edoardo Bortolotti - Guitars & B. Vocals
Stefano Galioto - Bass Guitar
Andrea Cretese - Drums


Maria Valentinuzzi & Chris Nihilus - Keys

Mixed, engineered and mastered by Freedom Slaves
Cover photo by Henry Triplette
Photography by Edoardo Bortolotti & Maria Zinutti
Cover design by Valentina Patat
Logo design by Valentina Patat, Helena Principato and Maarten Kleyne
Booklet design by Henry Triplette

Released 18/2-2012
Reviewed 24/7-2012

believe digital

Italian band Freedom Slaves released their first album a while back, they wanted us to review it and so we did, it was good. Job done!

There are some more notes to say about this band though, firstly I noticed when trying to find some info on this band on the web that their name is rubbish as it doesn’t give you enough hits on the band when writing the name in the text field. So it is more or less impossible to find a review (or information) of the album out there, so if you read this you are probably one of our regular readers, or the band has linked you here. I did find out though that Tesla did a song called Freedom Slaves once, maybe that was the inspiration for the name. They do have an interesting logotype and a mysterious looking cover picture which is always good to spike the interest of some guy seeing the cover, not that you will though as it will vanish amongst the other hits on the web referring to slavery in all forms, or Tesla songs. But what about this album just in case you manage to stumble upon it?

Some say progressive metal, and that is a fair assessment I would say. It also carries a sort of eighties heavy metal sound, so maybe a sort of hybrid between the progressive and the heavy metal with a touch of italian but without the annoying accent that most italian bands plague us with and that alone makes it somewhat worth your vile. The singer who happens to have the best first name in the world is also a very good singer, he sings with passion and has a good feel for the songs. They do appear somewhat more mature than a debuting band usually appear, and the clever thing is that they also have seem to have grasped the importance of keeping it short with nine tracks and 45 minutes. That is good as the album is a bit stagnant in the long run due to lack of variation and also lack of hit based songs as most of the songs has atypical choruses and no real catchy ones.

As I wrote earlier, it is good. The second song Pain 04 and the following Ashes of Today are memorable songs worthy of a mention, the songs are overall really good. I like the sound of the album albeit when being a bit picky I think it sounds a bit oldish and could have been a little bit polished around some edges. And while I am on the picky side I could point out that the lack of variation is also slightly hurting this album, but these negatives are when being really picky. There aren’t really any major downsides to this album, it is a debut which I think is audible as it feels a bit cautious as debuts often happens to be, more adventurous would have been preferred but as I said that is being picky and most people do not have to select from billions of albums everyday where only the really spectacular bands are making a big impression.

An interesting band that is good but there is still quite a bit of room for improvements, so I am expecting something a bit more spectacular and amazing for a follow up album. However, until that is released you will be enjoying this album as it has a lot of great moments to offer, I have enjoyed listening to it and if you like progressive metal I am sure you will find it interesting as well.
I still think they should change their name to something more unique, that will help them get more noticed and they deserve to be noticed as they are good.



Label: Membran Entertainment Group GmbH/Believe Digital
Three similar bands: Seventh Heaven/Meremoth/Tesla
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Review: Daniel Källmalm

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