Define our Generation

1. Is this what you wanted?
2. Bullshit Mentality
3. Birth
4. Save Yourself Now
5. Seminar
6. Suffocation
7. Static Fix
8. My View
9. Expired
10. Perfectly Fine
11. Can You Hear The Sound
12. Take The World

Marcus Carlzon – Vocals & Guitar
Max Pontén – Bass
Joachim Ragnarsson – Lead Guitar
Aron Bergström – Drums



Produced by Anders Lagerfors in Studio Nacksving, Gothenburg

Released 1/6-2012
Reviewed 9/12-2012


Swedish youngsters of the band Firstborn released their debut album this summer, it is called Define Our Generation and if it is a name of a definition of today’s generation I would believe that it is slightly off. I mean the playing time is over an hour and the attention span of today’s youth is not that long unless this album can entertain with both excitement and variation and of course with good music. The album has an interesting album cover and I would say that this album from the Swedish quartet looks decently exciting on the face of it and judging by the reviews I have seen around the web there is a bit of difficulty of describing how this band sounds.

Many speak of post hardcore, or was was it post metal, I can’t recall but I would say that it is poppy heavy metal with catchy choruses and a melodic disposition. It is quite varied in style and also it has a bit of a rough edge to it, the singer is also very good with a quite different voice and their style is fairly own which makes you recognise them quite easily. I think describing this band’s style on this album is as impossible as trying to stop global warming, the best thing is just to enjoy the pleasantries of it instead and there are some of these on this album. There are also some incoherence, it is almost like the band is trying to define their sound or maybe the sound of their generation, in some parts it feels that this album is a bit of a journey of discovery, like they are trying to find their ways. As a possible consequence of this exploration, this album is quite long with the songs having a playing time over five minutes on average and the album is clear of the one hour mark which is a tad on the long side.

Still it is a good album I think, it especially starts well with a song called Is This What You Wanted? which is a very good song and an excellent tone setter for this album. And it continues well too, with several good song and good variation over the hour. All is not brilliant though as the album feels a bit undefined as a whole and it is hard to get to grips with because of this and as I have stated before it is also long to add to these niggles. As a Whole it is a likeable album that is an absolute but it is not as good as it could have been of it had been shorter, more focused and less incoherent, it should be shorter and more to the point I think. So it is a good album which feels a bit like a debut album in that it is not as sure of itself as a more focused album feels like.

An album that can be described as something of a journey, like the band are venturing out to find their future sound and on this album they show that it is the catchy stuff they do best, but they also have a good depth in their music but on this album the pieces don’t quite connect together in a perfect way so with some minor flaws in its incoherency and too long playing time this band has some things to address in order to make something good even better. So while we are waiting for this band to fulfil their potential and make something amazing, we can enjoy this album because it is a good debut.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Say Anything/Anberlin/Trivium
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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