Father & Son

Label: Klubb Super 8 Fonogram
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The First Cut
2. The Sound of Silence
3. Pet the Spider
4. High as a Kite
5. The Metal War Band
6. Control Freak
7. Don't Burn the Churches
8. Great Personality
9. Big Papa Bear

Petter Reingardt– lead vocals
Dexter Gramfors– guitar
Loke Molund– lead guitar
Rickard Gramfors– bass & vocals
Mats Molund – drums



Recorded at Garaget Studio, Solna
Engineered by Michael Nordström
Produced by Father & Son and Michael Nordström
Sleeve Design by Mats Molund and Tomas Arfert

Released 10/9-2012
Reviewed 17/11-2012


Rock music, once synonymous with rebellion and alternative views on life and everything, has changed a lot over the years and the genre has also widened a lot to incorporate everything from supersoft to really extreme. However, the rebellion has sort of gotten lost somewhere and the music is no longer shocking in any way, some try to be with more and more extreme grips that almost always are more silly than provocative, the general rock music has also evolved into something generally accepted even people that are retired are into rock music today and yesterday’s rebellious heroes are now well into their sixties. This has also lead to the possibility now for fathers and sons to form bands and this is exactly what this band, named Father & Son cleverly, are all about with two fathers and two sons accompanied by a singer. I wonder how rebellious such a band would have been back in the day, all I know about these guys though are that they are Swedish, their name is not very searchable on the interweb.

Musically they are something of a breath of fresh air, it is well produced but not polished to perfection which makes it feel more spontaneous and more in line what I think rock music is about. Rock should not be overly polished and perfectly arranged music, it should be about energy, attitude and feeling more than anything. The AOR, progressive or whatever else the subgenres can be can do the perfect thing and do it well but traditional rock music should be about energy and feeling not perfectly arranged and polished songs. Two minutes editing and be done with it, not three years as it seems many bands today do. They also vary their music finely and keep it both short and simple, they understand the principle of KISS, which is good. I do not mean the rockband Kiss because them I do not particularly like, the acronym is what I am on about and if you don’t know it I guess you don’t deal with artistic expressions.

Father & Son has nine tracks to offer us, nine good and energetic tracks that capture the essence of what the genre is all about. It is fun with some humorous lyrics, there is a bit of sex and drugs and some satire as well, just about anything you could desire in a rock album’s lyrical view. I have to say that this is an album done just right for what I think rock music should be about, it is less than 40 minutes long so it is not possible to grow bored with it, especially considering the nice variation on the songs, variation without becoming incoherent that is. This makes me think that they either just went into the studio one day, managed to record nine songs before they wanted to do something else and then someone mixed it the day after and that was enough. Or, they really thought long and hard and worked long and hard on making an album that sounds like the first possibility, but whichever way (if any of those) they used they managed to create a rock album that is a showcase of what rock albums should be all about and a great one at that.

Speaking of songs is sort of pointless here as they are all very good but the opener sets a great tone and is a memorable song, the third and fourth are the best songs in my opinion but the album is really too good not to be played in its entirety and after all that does not require too much of your time either, which is great of course. So, if you call yourself a fan of rock music you really cannot miss out on this album because this is the kind of music that you are a fan of. I think this is a really enjoyable rock album and that you should take a look at it.



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