Bereue Nichts

01. Heimkehr / Bereue Nichts
02. Staubfrei
03. Stahl Trifft Kopf
04. Morgenrot
05. Schatten
06. Schmutzengel
07. Was Bleibt...
08. Duerrer Mann
09. Der Letzte Mensch
10. Mal Ehrlich (Bonus Track)

Yantit - Rhythmusgitarren, Programmierungen
Allen B. Konstanz - Gesang, Schlagzeug
Schwadorf - Leadgitarren

2002 Mord nicht ohne Grund
2004 Heimwege
2012 Bereue Nichts


Recording, Mix and mastering by Markus Stock at Tonstudio E

Released 25/5-2012
Reviewed 22/7-2012


If you ask the most awful company in the world’s translate service on the internet you find out that this band is called Forever Home which is quite wrong as Eternal Home would be a better translation since Für Immer is Forever and Ewig is Eternal. But then again who can trust google to do anything right, they are the worst company in the world and everyone working there deserves a gruesome death. Lets just hope that this album by Ewigheim deserves better, which of course is the likely scenario even though they probably won’t really mind receiving what google employees deserve. It is a band of Yantit of Eisregen, Allan B. Konstanz and Schwadorf of The Vision Bleak, the latter is also the producer of this album but then called Markus Stock. So by namedropping ever so subtly I think you have somewhat of a clue what to expect from this album that has an exciting cover art.

And you’d be right as it reminds of those bands, while still being a bit different in the respect that it is electronic, dark, gothic metal with a hint of darkness. I read somewhere that some of the lyrics were quite provocative and touches subjects some may find offensive (parental guidance is advised) but as I haven’t really paid much attention to them and as we cannot trust the awful google to let us know the correct answer I have decided to not really pay much attention to that. The lyrics are sung in german in a sort of gothic, darkish way with clean vocals and no growling. It has a dark feel and a slight touch of uneasiness like you are treading on soil you shouldn’t have treaded on. The atmosphere is really well presented and the production of this album is excellent as it usually is when Mr Stock is at the helm. I would say that it is a quality product that in its digipak bonus track equipped version reaches slightly over fifty minutes of playing time, albeit some of that time is silence waiting for a hidden track.

This is lightyears better than google, it is a great album with all songs really good with the opener maybe slightly better than the rest but I don’t really have any real favourite track on this album. It is a safe bet to bet that if you enjoy The Vision Bleak, Eisregen or Marienbad then you will enjoy this album as well. It is not that different to those while still finding itself stand on its own in comparison to these other projects in which these guys are involved. It is definitely one to check out, especially if you like said bands but also if you enjoy music that isn’t just adhering to the norm of a certain musical style. This is music with its own individual touch and it is quite clever and with some explicit provocative lyrics added to that quite exciting and good.

Definitely a recommended album, I like it and found it being just as interesting as the cover artwork indicates. There aren’t really any weaknesses to be found in this album as it is a solid product all the way through. I would guess that the guys have no regrets over this one and will retire to their eternal home to enjoy it, I suggest you follow their advice and do the same.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: The Vision Bleak/Eisregen/Marienbad
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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