Evoked From Demonic Depths -
The Early Years

Label: Century Media
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Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
1. A Wind Has Risen
2. Through The Darkened Peril
3. The Ancient Gate
4. Desolated Spirits
5. On A Journey To Heaven
6. Where The Headstones Shine
7. Veils Were Blown
8. Spiritual Affinity
9. Outro
10. On A Journey To Heaven (rehearsal)
11. Where The Headstones Shine (rehearsal)
12. Spiritual Affinity (rehearsal)
13. Veils Were Blown (rehearsal)
14. Genesis
Live Bonus videos:
The Ancient Gate (live at Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992)
Genesis (live at Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992)
Where The Headstones Shine (live at Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992)


Evocation (2004)
Tales From The Tomb (2007)
Dead Calm Chaos (2008)
Apocalyptic (2010)


Tracks 1-4 comes from 'The Ancient Gate' demo
Tracks 5-9 comes from 'Promo 1992' demo
Tracks 10-13 are previously unreleased rehearsal tracks
Track 14, Genesis which was written in 1992, but is previously unreleased
Genesis was recorded at IF Studios by producer Robert Laghi. All tracks have been mastered at Fascination Street Studio.
Demo track remastering was done using the original master tapes.
CD version also includes three live bootleg videos (see tracklist)

Released 27/6-2012
Reviewed 10/10-2012

century media

20, 9, 6, 5, 5, 4, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0. What's this, you might ask and the answer could be the combination to my safe, or the phone number to my house in the American Samoa islands? Maybe it's the number of thrashings in the years I've reviewed music. It could be, but it's not. The numbers are the number of times I've played the songs on this album. I've played the first song (which is the intro) 20 times and then less and less until the last songs, which I haven't even managed to play through even once. Everytime I tries to play this album, the attemps end prematurely as I can't stand hearing this album. It sucks!

As soon as the intro ends and the first real song starts we get that monotonous sound from a band that just don't have a single clue of what they're doing. More than half the times I've played this album I've given up already before this first real song has ended. And the times I've managed to get through the song I've been faced with yet another song sounding like it's made from troglodytes. The music really is on the border of being completely unbearable noise - to me the 57 minutes the album lasts is like a horrible nightmare that just keeps going and going getting worse and worse. The five songs ending the album consists of four tracks with rehearsal takes of the "real" versions in first 44 minutes. Lastly the album in concluded by the track Genesis.

As bands normally tend to find our reviews and post links to them on their facebook with angry fans throwing garbage over us in return for bad reviews (and barely caring if they're good) I'd like to apologize to both the band and their fans in advance for saying this but I really think is album is a worthless piece of crap! I like it almost as little as I like tv commercials. Why? Well, because it's as bad and as meaningless as the commercials. The vocals sounds like someone clearing his throat after getting something really irritating there. But the worst thing is that regardless of how bad this sounds I think the music is at least equally bad - if not worse. I think more or less anyone out there could create the same kind of sounds by simply banging the instruments together in different ways. It might sound a bit sceptic from my part now, and believe me - I'm really sorry for being that, but I just can't see the point with this music or this release. The band or well informed fans could very well explain it to me, but to me it's just as stupid as recording and releasing sounds from the toilet seat as a fat person is taking a dump.

The song called Where The Headstone Shines has a short part that sounds OK and both the intro and outro works but most of the album is an never ending slamming and hammering and throat clearing story. The reason why I dislike it is not only due to the headache it delivers with a striking precision but also the fact that I can't make anything on the album to make sense unless someone is willing to explain it to me. But if I'm completely honest, I struggle to see how even someone from the band could make more sense of it, because if they're able to communicate at all with human beings then perhaps the reason why this sounds the way it sounds is that they never had a single thought with 'Evoked From Demonic Depths' in the first place. It feels like one big collection of annoying noise… which is pretty much how I would describe this album - a collection of annoying noise.

Recently Evocation released their fourth album, but this wasn't it and this is not one of the first three either. What this is is a collection of demos from their early days. I will post a review on the new album in a few days and without telling too much about it I can only say that time has been good to Evocation because compared to these 20 years old songs that album sounds really good. This one though… not very good!



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