1. Evershine
2. Angel/Killer
3 .Run
4 .Demon’s Ride
5. The Storm
6. A Chance To Be Free
7. Here We Come
8. Faith And Dreams
9. Where Heroes Lie

Marco Lo Presti - Bass
Nicola Petricca - Drums
Ivan Palmieri - Guitars
Emanuele Matricardi - Guitars, Vocals
Simone Cardini - Keyboards, Vocals
Marco Coppotelli - Vocals



Produced by Cristian Ice

Released 25/9-2012
Reviewed 16/9-2012

bakerteam records

Italians who shines ever and ever according to some research made by some guy somewhere, they have an evershining album cover that sparks a bit of an interest. The selling points speaks of symphonic power metal at its best which is kind of nice thing to say about a band you are selling. The inspirations range from Manowar to Rhapsody, some nice serious bands with no humour whatsoever, Stratovarius was also mentioned in the inspiring bands as well. They are said to have evolved their sound quite a bit with more influences like from AOR or progressive metal and even some japanese rock influences. Born in Rome they are, doomed to a life as gladiators in the Coliseum before being freed by an alcoholic legionnaire. No that was not right, but they were born in Rome in 2001 (the band that is not the members).

Stylewise we are talking power metal, for some reason the symphonies must have been lost somewhere after they wrote the press info as I don’t hear that much of that thing. Have you ever heard Dragonforce? or Dreamtale? that is about how this sound. It sounds as power metal usual do, I don’t think there is much of a sense of uniqueness revealing itself here. It is power metal with double kicks, with classic power metal melodies, the singer who has been kicked in the nuts and the superpolished production, no renewals here. Nine tracks and almost 48 minutes of music is what they are offering and the variation over these tracks and minutes aren’t that big, actually it is more or less nonexistent.

The opening track Evershine is really impressive, a track I really enjoy listening to. A track to enjoy every time one plays this album, it is a flawless power metal song with sing along chorus and great production. But then comes a racket of uninteresting standard power metal songs that is alright but don’t really grab you attention in any sense of the way. So besides a great opening track this is a fairly standard power metal album, they use the tried and tested elements of the genre and that is not really a recipe for greatness unless of course you make fantastic music which they only do on the first track.

Had I not hear something around 5476 albums in this genre already I probably would have adored this album, but now that I have it feels more like just another one to add to the pile of power metal albums that already exists. Honestly it is quite difficult to understand what this album is supposed to offer, it has nothing that feels fresh and new and neither is it brilliant. Sure the first track is but the rest of the album is average which makes this album one for the power metal enthusiast, for the rest of us it is listenable but not really something to add to our collections.



Label: Bakerteam Records
Three similar bands: Dreamtale/Dragonforce/Helloween
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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