1. Vitriol
2. Days Of The Blackbird
3. Misleading Paradise
4. Forever Gone
5. The Prayer
6. Girl By The Lake
7. Minstrel Of Dolomites
8. Alchimia
9. Wise King

Lisy Stefanoni- Voice & flute
Marco Binotto- Bass
Alessandro Gervasi- Guitar
Toshiro Brunelli- Guitar
Daniele Foroni- Drums


Gaby Koss - Vocals (Track 3)

Jan Vacik - Mixing, Mastering
Mario Lochert - recording

Released 26/3-2012
Reviewed 2/8-2012

scarlet records

So, these guys thinks an IR-photo on the cover is something to go for. That is a striking cover and one dissimilar to most others we see around, the name Evenoire indicates that it is something to do with the symphonic side I think and having a sulphuric title on the album enhances this even more. When going through what I can find on this band around the interweb the picture clarifies even more when names of famous female fronted partly symphonic metal bands are dropped left right and centre. The reviews are particularly funny ranging over quite the big range in ratings from somewhat uninteresting to fantastic with more than one top rating. Of course I already had my rating decided well before looking into this so good ratings or bad don’t really effect what I think of an album, not even one from an Italian quintet.

It is melodic, slightly symphonic female fronted metal we are dealing with here. It has some folkish touches as well and the vocals are both normal vocals and some soprano singing making it a rather varied album. It is also well produced with a good sound, good vocalist and a well told musical story. It is not too long either with 44 minutes playing time and nine tracks, that is something not very common for a band making their album debut. Their style however might be considered not so innovative, their style is quite similar for this kind of semi-symphonic female fronted metal and if you want I could count several names of bands like this but as you don’t want me to I won’t. Needless to say it is quite common in style, but they do have something of their own twist to things with the folkish touch that can be found on the album here and there.

This is a good album, especially when considering it is their first. But it is not only good as a debut because this is a really good album and a high quality product that impresses all the way from start to finish. This album has all the trademarks of a good album and these Italians seems to show that they will be a musical force to reckon with. Sure, you could hope for more originality but I am sure that is something that will come with time for them, after all this is only their debut album and there are probably many more to come. At least if musical quality alone will have a say.

The album starts with an intro that doesn’t do much other than intros does and it is neither better nor worse than intros usually are. The intro is then followed by eight tracks that are all very good, albeit I would say that the album looses a bit of quality towards the ends. Which is something that can be considered unfortunate. The second track Days of the Blackbird is a track I really like and think deserves an honourable mention for its high quality and adventurous spirit. Then we have the third track which is the best track on the album, it has a different singer but is one track that deserves to be really listened to in a silent room without any disturbances. But as I said it is one impressive album all the way through.

So, if you enjoy these bands I didn’t namedrop in the genre I am sure that you will find this album quite impressive, especially considering that it is a debut album.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Operatika/Nightwish/Niobeth
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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