Label: W.T.C. Productions/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Tortorum/Satanic Warmaster/Nagelfar
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1.Flucht in die Finsternis
2.Der Sieg der Vergänglichkeit
3.Über die Grenzen des Todes
4.Drei Milliarden Herzschläge
5.Boreas, Gott der Nordwinde
6.Wenn die Jagd beginnt (Christenverfolgung)

Lykormas - guitars, drums, add. vocals
Vulfolaic - vocals, bass, keyboards



Vulfolaic - Artwork, logo
Lykormas- Engineering, mixing

Released 28/5-2012
Reviewed 18/11-2012

wtc productions

What the fuck? sometimes it seems like all the shit gets filtered through the processes at labels, and I thoughts labels were a sort of filter to filter away the the fucking shit from the decent stuff. Clearly it is not the case looking at how I got militant vegans to review and finished yesterday and today I finish a review by a band calling themselves black metal activist not having a website, or leaving any information to possibly be true to the black metal spirit. I hate activists as they are usually just troublemakers hijacking good causes from the good people, we it everywhere these days and activists for black metal, what the fuck is that all about. I mean they see themselves as better than most saying that modern black metal band lowers themselves to be accepted by people not worthy of their attention in the first place, megalomaniacs I think they are called those who claim to be better than others without being able to back it up. They also think playing live is not in the spirit of black metal which for some unexplainable reason is supposed to get people to live up to their full potential as is stated in the press text following this album. The entire press text is a load of garbage and honestly this album is not worthy of your attention in any way as it is not only really bad, it also sounds like anything else in the genre.

It is said to be recorded at an undisclosed location, I guesstimate that it is made in an earth cellar in the eastern parts of Laatzen, Germany. The knobs and dials in the production is handled by some sort of mushroom creature if I can hear it correctly which I believe I do, the sound is no different from any other black metal album out there which is not really a surprise as there isn’t really any room to make any variation on the black metal if you want to stay true to the spirit of it. The vocals is unsurprisingly a low inaudible gurgling sound, I think the words are German as the song titles are. It is as black metal commonly is, not heavy at all just a thick mass of badly produced sounds woven together into something recollecting songs and all six of them sounds more or less the same and this goes on for 46 minutes. Fucking long album I would say, and as you can see I am fitting my language of writing to the level of this album, fuck.

This is an awful fucking shit album, to be honest though, it isn’t any worse than most other “true” black metal but the attitude from the two aliasses that make up the band make it a more annoying one. And it is also a pointless one as if you like this kind of music there is already a lot more albums than you can ever imagine having the possibility to hear in a lifetime. There are in fact a lot more albums and bands in this genre than there are people listening to the genre, so a fucking pointless album that might be good for target practise, maybe my hunter neighbour wants it to practise his shooting.

Alright, I might sound fucking bored with this album now and I am, there is just not fucking point in making anymore shit like this as the world is already full of it just like it is full of assholes trying to shove down their opinions down you throat and other assholes in the world, but most of you are still decent people and if you are there is just no point in supporting idiots and megalomaniacs like these guys and you won’t like the album anyway so there is no point. By the way, my hunting neighbour can forget the target for his practise, I “accidentally” dropped the record in the paper shredder.



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