End of September

1. Isolated
2. Fallen
3. A place to go
4. Exile
5. Inner voice
6. Left in this world
7. Waiting for the rain
8. Silence
9. Autumn breaks

Elin Redin - Vocals
Erik Tordsson - Guitar, Vocals
Johan Nöjd - Bass
Johan Svensson - Drums




Released 11/5-2012
Reviewed 8/4-2012

ulterium records

Swedish band End of September are said by the label that they are one of the most promising bands from Scandinavia today, looking at the cover art and the name of the band it looks surely interesting. And the fact that they are a female fronted band hardly makes it any less interesting to me, sure looks from the outside isn’t everything and it happens very much that cover art and things looking interesting to begin with turns out to be much less so. But debuting End of September can of course be a difference to this, there was not really not much information to be found about the band so I cannot really say much about them as I don’t really know anything about them. I have listened to the album many times now so at least I know how they sound even though I know hardly anything about them.

Musically I come to think of countrymen and woman in One Without as it is a similar style of modern heavy metal with a woman singer. A bit moody and darkish as the album cover which is one of the best looking I have ever seen would seem to indicate but still with a positive touch due to the vocals. The production is mature and very good, unlike what you might expect from a first time band. The female vocalist is quite good as well, she has a lot of feel in her voice. The soundscapes are the most noticeable thing of the sound of this album that has nine tracks and plays for about 36 minutes.

Overall I think this album is good, the soundscapes and atmospheres are just excellent and paired with the vocals it sounds really good, a high quality product I would say. Thing is though that the songs themselves are not really up to the same standard as the productional quality and feels a little like a letdown if I am honest but at the same time you could really see the potential for greatness in this band. If they could pair this quality of production and feel with a similar quality of songs they will make a brilliant album in the future but this time they haven’t really found that which is a pity.

The claim about the band being one of the most promising from Scandinavia today can surely be said to be true as the talent of this band is unmistakable and this band is just some small details away from being a really good album, unfortunately they didn’t quite write the songs that could match the quality of the sound for this album and that might be down to this being a first effort, lets say it is and we can really look forward to some greatness to come from this band in the future. So remember this name because I think that End of September will be a name to reckon with in the future.

In summary this is one album worth buying just to get that brilliant album cover, they also have the atmosphere to match that cover art. Unfortunately they do not really have the songs to match up to those things so an album with great potential being a bit let down by songs that are just good and nothing more. So a good debut that promises much more than it shows for this time.




Label: Ulterium records/Triada
Three similar bands: One Without/Evanescence/Lacuna Coil
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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