Unleash the Magic

1. Excelsior
2. Weapons of heart
3. Unleash the magic
4. Until eternity
5. Facing the end
6. Souls with no glory
7. Wasteland
8. Sunrise
9. Legacy

Brunno Navarro (Vocals)
Matias Artecona (Guitars)
Marcos Garcia (Guitars)
Ignacio Fernandez (Keyboards)
Andres Duarte (Bass)
Federico Fleitas (drums)



Produced by Elixir
Recorded at Molecula studios
Mixed and Master by Sebastian Vera at Soundwork studios
Cover artwork design by Mariana Gerali

Released 1-2012
Reviewed 19/12-2012

heart of steel records

Unleashing the magic is what Uruguayan band Elixir is looking to do with their debut album simply titled Unleashed the Magic. This had me thinking, is there any known Uruguayan bands? I cannot think of a single one but there has to be some as Elixir cannot be the only band of that nation. But these guys have already had the opportunity to open for bands like Sonata Arctica and Epica in front of many people which is something they (or the label) felt was necessary to write about in the press info so now I have written it as well. I on the other hand don’t really care even a smidgen about that, I care about the music and not who the band has shared a stage with and that is why I have given this album a fair amount of time now. The band says that they formed a few years ago to make music with speed, strength and melody, and all of that they would melt into a melting pot of uniqueness. To me it does not sound as though they have really succeeded as their sound is not particularly unique.

It is power metal of the generic kind if we are blunt, which we sometimes are. It has some neoclassical and symphonic undertones to add some depth to the thing. It is done in high tempo with catchy choruses and all of that, nine tracks it is and they are decently varied within a rather tight stylistic framework. The vocals are not very varied as it sounds as though the vocalist has more or less one way of singing and is not capable of varying it, there is no real editing work done to the vocals either making them a bit bland. The production is fairly good, kind of like the european power metal bands sounded a decade ago, it is a bit rougher around the edges and not as beautifully crafted as contemporary european bands. Just over 40 minutes the album plays, fairly well made such minutes.

So, it is a good album, not a great album but a good one with some really good points. Some points however are not as brilliant or exciting. I would say that this album unfortunately tends to be a bit generic at times. A fine album to listen to but maybe a bit stale and a bit too typical, like something we have heard a bit too many times. I think that the opening intro into the second track is something really great to listen to, this is where it all falls into place for the guys with a good flowing song that is catchy and enjoyable. After that the album is becoming ever more generic which makes this an album that starts on a high note and ends on a grey note. That is one way to describe an album that shows potential but doesn’t quite live up to it.

They have some things to work with for a follow up album, I think they need to have more stuff done with the vocal recordings like doing it in more layers, maybe some echoes and such. I also think that they need to work more on their songwriting as the songs tend to be quite generic, if they look at these things I do believe that this band can do very well, the first pair of songs on this album clearly points in that direction.

So, I am not sure that they unleash any magic but I would say that Elixir unleash a good debut album. A very good album for those really into the power metal genre.



Label: Heart of Steel Records
Three similar bands: Holy Knights/Sonata Arctica/Vision Divine
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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