El Poncho

1. Enthymema
2. Rooftops
3. Francene

Paulina -Vocals
Benjamin - Guitar
David - Bass
Isak - Drums
Mikael - Keys & Saxophone
Viktor - Guitar




Released 1/5-2012
Reviewed 12/8-2012



Swedish sextet El Poncho are releasing an EP that they are calling Rooftops and has an artwork that looks a bit strange, and it does not really look like a cover art for an EP with that name. It can be bought from the band’s bandcamp site for a small amount of currency and probably a few more of those sites that sell music. Three tracks is what we get and little over 13 minutes of music so it is not the most quantity of music we get but then again, when has music ever been measured in quantity over quality? actually that was a bad examples as I can think of several of those.

A musical description might be to say that they sound a bit like a little sister to The Mars Volta, funky alternative rock with a slight touch of progressiveness. They have found a style that feels a bit like their own with a great female singer who has a voice that is brilliant for this kind of music. The production is also very good, not like your everyday band that sends you an email asking you to write about their music, the sound is really good I would say. Not the most varied piece I have ever put my hands on though but then again, three tracks isn’t the most easy thing to make varied and it is not like the tracks are carbon copies of one another either.

So, it sounds good and it also is good much thanks to that brilliant singer, her voice is excellent and makes these songs much more powerful. Also it is thanks to the sound which is vary mature and it is audible that these guys are really good musicians, but being a good musician and having a good production isn’t everything, is it? I think the problem with this little piece is that it never really takes off, it is like it is building up to something that eventually isn’t coming. It leaves you feeling a bit empty, I think they should have toughened up a bit maybe gotten a bit more angry or something it lacks attitude and aggression. You could still say however that the EP is a rather good one but it promised a little bit more than it kept.

So, if these little niggles I mentioned earlier are fixed then I am predicting a really bright and interesting future for these guys, they have all the tools now they only need to put it to its correct use. There are some interesting elements on this Rooftops EP and it is good enough but it does not really lift off completely all the way.



Label: Self released
Three similar bands: Battles/The Mars Volta/Queens of the Stone Age
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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