Delusions of Grandeur

01. Delusions Of Grandeur
02. Fem:1
03. Fem:2
04. I Never Felt Like This Before

Tomas - guitar, vocals
Daniel - guitar, vocals, laptop/organ
Niklas - drums
Erik - guitar
Emanuel - bass

Give Me Beauty... Or Give Me Death! (2006)
I Am Responsible (2008)
Mourning Golden Morning (2010)


Recorded at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Göteborg by Oskar Lindberg (Soundtrack of our lives, Jeniferever, I'm from Barcelona) and once again
Mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Released 1/10-2012
Reviewed 9/10-2012

pelagic records

Swedes with delusions of grandeur is what we are going to have a look at now, and those delusions are something quite common in this kind of world so what about these guys? is it only delusions or is it grandeur? Well, we’ll see about that later on. It is a quintet who has released three albums of which at least the latest one was very well received according to the press info. I haven’t looked it up so I take their word for it because I know that Pelagic Records seem to be working much with only picking up the kind of stuff they like and stuff with excellent productions, the question is if this illusion will stand now that EF is under my critical gaze.

They are described as “post rock” which seems to be a quite widely ranging genre considering which kinds of bands can be found there. To me this is atmospheric rock music which is very much focused on a dreamy sound that sort of creeps up on the listener, it is not overly complicated or anything like that and the focus seems to be on the atmosphere and melodies. There are not much in terms of vocals but fortunately none of it is growls and the vocals sung are excellent as is the production, they have found a great soundscape for their music which is in three tracks or four if it is the physical release that is only being released as a 10” vinyl EP. It plays for near 25 minutes.

It is a well told story that is being told through emotions rather than words and of the three tracks (or four) the opening and the ending ones are the focus it would seem with the middle one(s) as a sort of interlude or something in that fashion. The songs are impressive, the vocals are as I said excellent and so are the songs that takes you on a journey almost. I actually think that I might be missing out on this band as I haven’t heard anything with them before and if this is any indication their albums should be fascinating as well but due to time constraints I cannot really check them out so maybe I am missing something, I do however have this EP which is a great one.

I like the opening track the most, it has a great feel to it and is exciting enough to grab me for a while, the middle part is a bit sleepy and to be honest I could do without that although it is not bad but it doesn’t really add anything. The ending track is also really good and has an excellent narrative with a bit of emotion and drama, although the accent is a bit annoying in small parts of it not that you will really care but it still is.

This all leads down to me deducing that this is a great little EP of 25 minutes that is highly recommended not only for those who like “post rock” but for anyone willing to open up for exciting emotional, atmospheric rock music where the atmospheres rule rather than repetitive choruses. I would say that there are no delusions of grandeur here, just music of grandeur.



Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Mogwai/ Explosions in the Sky/Sigur Rós
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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