Iron Chest

01. Old Widow's Gloom
02. Athena
03. Iron Chest
04. Boundless Void
05. Eyes in the Night
06. Brimstone
07. Catharsis
08. Silver Decay
09. Shattered
10. Teal Trail

Jan Oberg – Guitars, Vocals
Sabine Oberg – Bass
Dennis B÷ttcher – Drums, Vocals

Exit Eden (2011)


Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jan Oberg
Artwork by Dawid M. Piprek

Released 15/10-2012
Reviewed 1/10-2012

pelagic records

The story begins with an Iron Chest found amongst the contents of the old Earthship stored many generations ago, inside this chest we found a story of a time long past a time of adventure and excitement. We had to recreate many things from testimonies and legends as the documents containing this story has long since succumbed in part to the passage of time. But thanks to Hidden Planet Studios we have managed to reasonably well retell this story surrounding a trio of German fellows that was part of the Earthship adventure that started once in The Ocean.

Legends speak of a progressive sludge which we can see by the letters in the documents, but also of stoner, doom and groove metal. The story is a bit dark and heavy but with elements of hope and once can describe it as well produced on most parts as it has withstood the test of time fairly well, with some exceptions I would say. The story is told in ten chapters and it took us around 43 minutes to get through those chapters. It is a fairly modern story but with traces of mastodons and crowbars for example.

The story begins with the old widow’s gloom, her husband had died some time ago and she was never allowed to join the journey of the Earthship leaving the doomed planet. She was not one of those selected for the long journey. Athena however was some sort of hope, this part was a bit joyous which is why that part is a bit of a mystery but maybe it had something to do with the Iron Chest which was brought along for the journey where we found this story. The journey starts in an endless void, dark gloomy yet quite exciting. The distant stars gave hope like eyes in the night during this part but the ship seemed to be a bit lost with brimstones burning, silver decaying and shattering, the catharsis of the crew. In the end tough the right trail is found by a bit of an unexpected navigator taking them to the right place which is why we ended up here many generations ago.

Of course this is the short resumé of this story which I found to be fairly exciting, and interesting although there were some parts not as appealing like the parts before the ending where the story stopped making sense for a bit before the ending. But I would say that is a mastodon is something that impress you but also big lizard monsters and such then I would say that this story will most certainly appeal to you.

So, if you are wondering where normal reviewing services have gone I can just say that this album inspired me to write a tad differently but if you read between the lines there is actually a normal review hidden within the story told so, there is nothing different in this one really.



Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Crowbar/Mastodon/Baroness
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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