Dirty Age
Plug In

01. Walk It Like You Talk It
02. Burning Heels
03. Dynamite Man
04. Unleash The Demon
05. Rock'n'Roll Rebel
06. Cold As Ice
07. Desperado
08. Don't Mess With The Boogie Man
09. Hard Rock Rush
10. Stay Hot
11. Way Of Rock'n'Roll
12. Welcome To The Show

Danly Freund - vocals
Christian Geng - guitar
Jonas Schick - guitar
Luca Maiorino - bass
David - drums




Released 9/11-2012
Reviewed 20/12-2012


Funny date and time I started this review, 20.12.2012 at 20:12, could it be a sign? Are we heading into a dirtier age? But then again the world is ending tomorrow according to some goofbags interpretations of the calendar of a people long since dead, a people not able to even foresee their own demise so why should we believe them now? Fortunately I have spend the day before this apocalypse with washing my car and now writing this review, time well spent I think we all can agree upon. And as I am a much better mentalist than the Maya I predict that you are reading this after said event. But what about this album then? will it launch the world into a dirtier age? or maybe it is just another current converter from china?

Well, the band is German which cannot be missed since everything I find on them are German, the only review in English I found (a battle site I found that reviewed it sucks so that can’t be counted) had the wrong line up and the band’s official facial account is in german as is the information from the label, guess they do not want to be known internationally. Just FYI (as we say in internet), German is not a good international language, british is so please write in british english (american english is crap). But now let us move on to the music instead.

It is a bit dirty and straightforward rock/hard rock music with not much sidetracks, just plain and simple riffage and choruses and a singer that has the ideal rock music voice. It is modern in sound but it still sounds classical which makes it into a brilliant trip down memory lane, fortunately for the germans not just over 70 years back but rather thirty-something. But they are not another current converter, neither are they like something found in your garden or like a swiss mountain, they do have their own sound I would say. Their twelve songs are varied on this theme which means not really that much and the opening track sound like some girl selling sanctuary, at least it makes me think of that. The album is also on the long side with 53 minutes which I see as a bit of a negative since they go a bit downhill towards then end.

This kind of music is not really my cup of tea and not that many bands of the genre really appeals to me, there are a few but as far as this album is concerned Dirty Age is not one of these few. But sure it is a good album, no denying that and the singer is a real hero and the album is entertaining to listen to but it just does not make any kind of major impression on my musical mind. I think though that if you like the genre your milage will probably vary from mine but to be honest, for me it was more amusing today to wash the car than to listen to this album and I do not really like washing my car but an attractive car needs washing at times and a good album can be played at times as well, just like this album.

So, in the end we can say that this is a good debut album with a high entertainment value. It will most certainly appeal to the person who likes his/her rock music simple, classic and to the point with a bit of flair and straight aggressive riffs and catchy choruses. A good band that now has been somewhat promoted in english as well, lets just hope that it is not too late as tomorrow is 21.12.2012 and you all know what that means: rock’n’roll!



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Riff Raff/Gotthard/Krokus
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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