Demonic Slaughter
Revelations of Death

1. Funeral
2. Remains
3. Chant of the Graves
4. Rites from the Past
5. Towards the Unseen
6. Prayer of Accursed
7. Communion of Dissolution
8. Nightmare of the Third Eye
9. When the Low, Heavy Sky

Xaos Oblivion – vocals, guitars, synths – ambient piano work, bass (recorded, mixed and mastered the album)
Perversor – bass, lyrics, graphic art
W. – drums

Cold Disease Of Reality (2009)

Soulles God’s Creation (2010)



Released ??/7-2011
Reviewed 11/1-2012


Slaughterers of demons from Poland is what we are dealing with here, a band so underground that they don’t even have a facebook site which would also make us here at Hallowed quite underground. Their desire to turn against new trends in their genre and the modern touches of their music is however quite unlike us who does what we want without judgements, so I guess they are the underground ones even though we are quite underground as well I guess. We are looking at the band’s third album which is said to be the most mature yet but still as brutal as ever or something like it. One thing quite striking is the interesting artwork which I like, the logo however is as childish as black metal logos always tend to be. But as dark and brutal music goes the music of Hellthrasher Productions are of a rather good quality with bands like Decaying to name one. But what about this underground band? is it anything to have?

Musically it is music of an underground sense, black metal it is in its foundation. Primitive in its form it is as well with the rather typical guitarlines that we hear in most every band of the genre and the drums are a smattering in a furious tempo. The vocals are grunting in a slowish manner making it a slightly strange combination with the music. It is aggressive in a sense of the way but also becomes a wall of sound that makes it kind of similar all way through but with a 35 minute playing time and nine tracks it is a rather short album and all does not stand in similitude. There are some parts breaking off, some spoken words and some atmospheric stuff that stand out from the general soundscape. In a sense you could say that it is like black metal recorded in the root cellar of Vader, and I don’t mean Darth Vader as he does not have a root cellar as well all know. And he is not real either.

This album has been decently received by the underground black metal reviewers I have found, a solid polish black metal album I read somewhere and some other positive stuff as well. Things is though that none of our crew does black metal of the primitive kind and most of our readers seems to prefer the more general heavy metal or hard rock music so it may not be the biggest of problems but if you are the underground black metal guy then you may not take our opinions too seriously as it seems like you ought to like this album. I think though that one of the problems I notice at once with this album is the problem with the monotone style of the album. The aggression and brutality they try to attempt with their music makes it sound a bit parodic which I am decently sure is not the desire.

Their main problem is the slow and mellow voice along with the aggressive and fast wall of sound makes it feel slow and quite lame. Hardly aggressive or scare or even evoking emotions, it is an album that I think will only appeal to those who like their music in its rawest format without anything in terms of refining elements and such things made to improve the overall sound of an album. It sounds a bit like a basement product, cheap, noisy and monotone is what I think about this album.

Maybe something for those of you into the basement kind of underground black metal, for the rest of us I do not really think this offers anything and for me who likes all kinds of exciting music can enjoy brutal music as well but this isn’t brutal to me, it is quite tame and quite boring. So I would say cheap black metal without the black and metal.


Label: Hellthrasher Productions
Three similar bands: Kriegsmaschine/Cultes Des Ghoules/Oremus
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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