2.Out of project
3.First father
5.Around the world
6.Too Fighters
8.The fall
9.My stupid revenge
10.Last song

Bruno Logan - vocals
Mike Gelato - guitars
Francesco - drums
Jag - bass
Marcello l'infame - guitars




Released 10/10-2012
Reviewed 31/10-2012

scarlet records

Immediately when pressing the start button for this album you learn that it is an Italian band we are dealing with, and we are dealing with their debut album which is cleverly titled Nine and the cover looks quite uninteresting. But then it is a digital only release so the cover might not matter as much, and reading up on the band I notice that they are formed from a band called The River of Deceit which was a band tributing the Seattle rock of the 90s covering bands like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age to name a few. Then they evolved or something like that and the name shortened to Deceit and now they do their own songs.

Musically I think you can sniff the smells of Seattle spirit in the music, the said bands are easy to think of when listening to the alternative styled rock that these guys perform. The music is catchy, radio friendly quite simple rock music that probably will do fine on the radio if played there, easy to take in music still with a fair deal of variation over its ten tracks. The production is modern and joins everything under an umbrella of their soundscape which unifies the album in a good way, the sound in itself is alright but not overly impressive.

I think this is a rather good album, the songs are of good quality and it feels like a bit of a fresh take on the bands they were tributing in their early career. Most of the songs are catchy and could easily work on the regular radio station but I doubt they will be played there anyway if it would be it would probably be liked. The album is compact and easily digested as well but in the longer run I think it feels a bit repetitive considering the fact that it doesn’t really have that distinct hit song to carry the album. This makes it feel like it is rather good but at the same time rather bland as well, it has some good stuff but as I alluded to, it misses that little extra that makes a good album great.

In the end a decently interesting album to listen to for a while but nothing that really invites to repetitive listening but for sure you can play it and enjoy it once in a while. It is nothing that makes any kind of lasting impression though, one of those good but rather forgetful albums. It is, simply put, a decent album.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Foo Fighters/Alice In Chains/Queens Of The Stone Age
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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