Dear Superstar
Damned Religion

1. Damned Religion
2. Change Yesterday
3. Last Rites
4. Our City Sleeps
5. Anthem To My Life
6. Turn To Dust
7. Sirens
8. Tomorrow
9. Glitter Just Like Gold
10. Crystallized

Micky Satiar - Vocals
Adam Smethurst - guitar
Benj Ashmead - drums
Stewart Milton - guitar
Ben Grimsley - bass

Confessions Of A Twisted Mind (2006)
Heartless (2008)


Produced by David Jones
Mixed by Bob Marlette

Released 24/2-2012
Reviewed 11/4-2012

blast records

British quintet Dear Superstar are back with a new album which is supposed to be one of the “must hear” british rock albums, if that is true then we will have something really good. There is nothing wrong with the confidence talking of making a world class record and they talk about it still sounding like a Dear Superstar record despite all the better stuff on it, strange for a band that is said to be releasing their second album if we are to trust the press sheet, I don’t think a band that hasn’t released more than a pair of albums can be said to have a distinct own sound. I didn’t like their latest offering as it was completely pointless and did nothing to enrich the musical treasure or musical world or whatever you want to call it. They need quite the improvement to make an album worthwhile in my book but then again, they could have done it.

Musically it is glammy rock music with some energy, not that amount that you could expect from a band with that kind of semi-clean, semi-dirty rock sound, but some. Production is good, the vocalist is crap, the music has some hooks and at least some energy in some of the tracks like the opening. The songs are not that varied and not really rich in fantasy either, it is a quite typical and standard rock album. It plays for about forty minutes and has ten tracks for those curious about such a thing.

Well, thing is that this is an improvement over the latest album but that does not really mean much considering how poor the latest offering was. So it is much better than the previous but it is still only alright in its best moment and generally it is a sad offering as it does not really offer anything that interest me. It is a non-offensive and identity derived album that feels like a mass produced thing, kind of like soap, or like one of those silly telephones that everyone seems to have these days, those with pointless functions and silly apps and stuff. It is also a quite boring album, a bit like a reflection of the entertainment that is popular these days, films without character from Hollywood, music without identity that tops the charts and the popular books. It also reflects the people of the world today who are the same, pointless and and boring.

Well, there are actually some good points like the opening title track which is rather good I would say and also the fourth track Our City Sleeps is a rather good track but then it is starting to get thin on interesting stuff and the album feels more like one that lulls you to sleep then one that energises you and gives you listening joy. The forty minutes of this album mostly feels like an eternity and seriously I cannot see the point with this band and so many other rock bands like this that exists out there, why make predictable stuff that offers nothing? I guess that such a thing is better asked to the band but, I am done with them and unless they start to think for their own and dream up some great music because now the only good stuff that comes of this album is the dreams when I have fallen asleep listening to the lullabies of this album.

One thing this album is is a great reflection of the world today, it is pointless, dull and uninteresting just like most of us who lives today.



Label: Blast Records
Three similar bands: Bullet For My Valentine/Motley Crue/Poison
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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