Dead Cowboy's Sluts
The Hand of Death

01. B.T.K
02. Asylum Breakout
03. I Will Hunt You Down
04. Lusk
05. Must Be Broken
06. Criminal
07. Purify By Fire
08. This Hate
09. Gates Of Perdition
10. Skull Crusher
11. Life, Death, And Its Painful Intervening Period
12. The Hand Of Death Pt.1
13. The Hand Of Death Pt.2
14. Backdraft

Leclerc Benjamin – vocals
Leclerc Mathieu – guitar
Plathey Pierre – guitar
Djinadou Morgan – bass
Thiebault Guillaume - drums




Released 10/9-2012
Reviewed 31/10-2012

m&o music
rock n growl

Sluts of a dead cowboy is what we get here, along with the hand of death. They are French these sluts and they are releasing their debut album which features a cover that has a guy who dreams of being Mick Jagger. French thrash metal, that usually entails a certain musical style which is quite recognisable from bands like Gojira or Dagoba. So what about these guys then, are they the regular French groovers or are they something new and exciting?

Well, I think the former is the most correct as they sound in style like many other French bands. Their groovy technical death metal can be heard from several bands from that nation, they can also be said to be very heavy, like a nuclear assault on your eardrums, more or less. It is rather heavy and it is very well produced with a good sound making it feel like a quality product in that department. The fourteen songs on this album might not be the most varied I have heard on an album but they are well made and well produced with lots of power.

I think that this is a quality album in many regards but for some reason it doesn’t quite do anything for me, I think I have already heard this kind of music enough. Not that it is bad, it is an entertaining album with good songs, a bit on the long side perhaps but that might not be a big deal for the one liking this kind of music. I would say that if you are a huge fan of the music that is being performed by the likes of Gojira or Dagoba I am sure you will find this highly entertaining as well. If you are not a massive fan of that music I think that the two bands I just mentioned will be more than enough, these guys do what they do well but doesn’t really add anything that hasn’t already been made and made better.

So, in the end we have here some sluts making good music, forgettable perhaps but still good music but maybe they should not have made fourteen tracks and 55 minutes as that becomes a bit on the long side as the album has no big hit song or variation. The Hand of Death is a decent album, a bit generic perhaps but if you enjoy the genre you should check this one out.



Label: M & O Music/Rock N Growl
Three similar bands: Gojira/Dagoba/Loudblast
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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