Mysticeti Victoria

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Thy Majestie/Holy Knights/Sound Storm
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Genesis
2. Taiji
3. Roma XXI
4. Black Meteor
5. Lightning Guide
6. Lost
7. Poison Of Life
8. Eyes Have You
9. Beware The God
10. From Us
11. Life, Love & Death

Anthony Agnello (Vocals)
Loc Manuello (Guitars)
Bruno Caprani (Bass)
Julien Agnello (Drums)



Recorded by Sebb Camhi at ArtMusic Studio in Nice, France
Mixed by Mikko Karmila and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Finland
Logo, cover artwork & graphic design by Eric Philippe

Released 24/8-2012
Reviewed 15/12-2012


French quartet Darktribe released their debut album some time back and it is called Mysticeti Victoria and all the indications of its look points towards a melodic power metal album with some epic and possibly symphonic touches. With a picture of ruins sunken in a lake in the north of italy near the river Tiber and the style of the album makes you think of the italian brand of power metal. But what shall we then say about the adventures of Darktribe which entails black meteors and poison for life and such exciting things, but what can we then say about their musical prowess?

They are power metallish is the answer to that question. And it is such with catchy choruses, some symphonic undertones and epic touches. It sounds a tad Italian this album with its stylings and epicness, the singer however is quite anonymous maybe because he sounds like something like five other singers mentioned by some idiot reviewer somewhere, if you sound like everything you are anonymous which this singer is. The music in itself is decently varied and you can even stand the playing time that is over 53 minutes, just. The sound and production is very good, although not something new or really exciting.

It is a fairly good album, good songs and music it has and for some reason I wrote in Yoda there. The sound are fairly majestic, not heavy and all songs works fairly well. You still get the feeling that this album is a bit low key and doesn’t quite make it into the legend section in the history books of rock music. Good but a bit forgetful is this album, the songs are good but they are not really that memorable and compared to what already exist in the genre it is not really up there.

A good debut that shows a bit of potential but does not really stack up to what we have already seen in the genre this year, so maybe for those who likes the epic symphonic stuff it might be of some interest. Still, I would call this a pretty decent album but nothing that really floats my boat but still a band to keep track of for the future because they have something that might evolve into something very exciting.



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