Darkside of Innocence

1. Lux (Instrumental)
2. Airian
3. Dulcifer Tragoedia
4. Nox Omega
5. Eros
6. Thanatos
7. Ego
8. D’eus

Pedro Remiz - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards

Infernum Liberus EST (2010)



Released 17/1-2012
Reviewed 5/7-2012

infektion records

Welcome to the dark side, of innocence. One might wonder what that really is, is it lying to appear innocent or is it about something else? No idea, what I do know is that this band isn’t really a band anymore since it has only one member nowadays because the rest has left for some reason. Gnostic/progressive is what the label calls it and when looking around the web I can conclude that the reception has been less than raving to say the least. The cover looks quite cool however, so there might be something to this album still, although the reviews doesn’t look too encouraging and neither does the small amount of reviews.

Musically it is a mishmash of elements from all over the place gathered into one gnostic completeness that lasts for almost 27 minutes, so it is a short album. The vocals are growly and quite muted, there are also female vocals kind of like the one you hear on the symphonic metal album although slightly muted. The sound and production is quite typical for the extreme metal genre, it sounds a bit murky and actually also slightly lame, it lacks a bit of power and danger as I think it should have had. The album sounds a bit incoherent, the many different elements pulls in many different directions which makes it feel quite incoherent, like a confetti of different musical elements that doesn’t quite fit together you could say.

Honestly, this album feels unfinished, like a collection of ideas jotted down into a notebook in the order they come up, kind of like it looks in my notebook a lot of rubbish in no discernible order. I think they should have been collected and ordered to make it a good album, as I think there are a few very good intentions on this album although there are only good ideas and nothing really comes of it. It is more like a random collection of ideas rather than an album someone has spent time thinking out clever songs, or so someone has and doesn’t share my vision on what is a clever song.

Unfinished is the kindest thing I can really say about this album because I don’t really like it one bit. The female vocals are quite good but I don’t know who does them as there is no information on that fact, they are good though whoever does them. Other than the female vocals there isn’t much positive other than some small intentions but as a whole it feels unfinished and as I said not very good. So, not really impressive and not what I would call good and it would seem as though most internet reviewers seems to agree with that notion as well, so not really a recommended album, unless of course you like gnostic metal because then you might take a liking to it.



Label: Infektion Records
Three similar bands: Smohalla/Arcturus/Ulver
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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