Danko Jones
Bring on the Mountain

Bring on the Mountain, documentary
The Ballad of Danko Jones, short film
Live Clips:

Samuel Sin
The Rules
Way To My Heart
Sound of Love
Sex Change Shake
Living In The City
Play The Blues
Full of Regret
First Date
Bad Thoughts
Had Enough
Music Videos:
My Love Is Bold
Samuel Sin
Sound of Love
I Want You
I Love Living In The City
Baby Hates Me
First Date
Don’t Fall In Love
Code of The Road
Take Me Home
King of Magazines
Sugar High
Full of Regret
Had Enough
I Think Bad Thoughts

Danko Jones - Vocals/Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Atom Willard - Drums

Born a Lion (2002)
We Sweat Blood (2003)
Sleep Is the Enemy (2006)
Never Too Loud (2008)
Below the Belt (2010)


Bring on the Mountain:
Written & Directed by Jason Diamond, Josh Diamond
Cast: John Calabrese, Dan Cornelius, Danko Jones
Produced by Jason Diamond, Josh Diamond, Denise Korycki
Jonas Nilsson - executive producer
Cinematography by Gregg Dedomenico
Film Editing by Denise Korycki
Scott Chrisholm - sound mixer
Blair Johnson - sound mixer
Ian Stynes - sound editor, sound re-recording mixer, supervising sound editor
Jim Starace - animator
Jim Starace - assistant editor
The Ballad:
Directors: Jason Diamond, Josh Diamond
Jason Diamond, Josh Diamond, Greg Gilpatrick, Chris Holmes: writers
John Calabrese
Dan Cornelius
Frank Drank
Art Hsu
Don Jamieson
Danko Jones
Lemmy Kilmister
Ralph Macchio
Laura Margolis
Jason Trost
Mike Watt
Elijah Wood
Produced by
Björn Barnekow .... executive producer
Joe DeVito .... producer
Jason Diamond .... producer
Josh Diamond .... producer
Jim Muscarella .... producer
Jonas Nilsson .... executive producer
Original Music by George Holdcroft
Cinematography by Amanda Treyz, Brandon Trost
Film Editing by Jesse Averna, Jason Diamond, Josh Diamond, Chris Lechler
Art Direction by Josh Bishop, Courtney Webster
Costume Design by Sarah Trost
Makeup Department
Cici Andersen .... makeup artist
Saula Kalamaras .... makeup artist
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Scott Gracheff .... second assistant director
Chris Holmes .... assistant director
Art Department
Jon Cowdy .... property master
Sound Department
A. Tad Chamberlain .... sound mixer
Jason Friedman .... sound mixer
Ian Stynes .... lead sound designer
Ian Stynes .... sound editor
Ian Stynes .... sound re-recording mixer
Ian Stynes .... supervising sound editor
Visual Effects by
Dan Devine .... digital effects
Jason Diamond .... digital effects
Andrew Francis .... digital colorist: Efilm
Chris Carnel .... stunt coordinator
Camera and Electrical Department
Will Barker .... best boy
Miklos Buk .... assistant camera
Freddy Cintron .... key grip
Sean Ryan Finnegan .... assistant camera
Jacob Fleming .... gaffer
Chris Heinrich .... assistant camera
Bryan Hung .... best boy
Bryan Hung .... dolly grip
Nikki Iovino .... assistant camera
Dwight E. Stone .... key grip
Atsushi Takaoka .... gaffer
Other crew
Bronic Bednarek .... production assistant
Carrie Berg .... production assistant
Krishna Devine .... production coordinator
Kevin Duval .... production assistant
Jason Quimby .... location manager
Dann Ramirez .... production assistant
Jesse H. Rivard .... location manager

Released 13/6-2012
Reviewed 15/8-2012

bad taste records

Canadian Danko Jones are releasing their first ever DVD which is a two disc spectacular with lots of material for the fans to have a look at, and for those not fans to learn from. The main feature on this DVD is the 90 minute documentary on the first disc but that is not all we are treated to, there is a short film based on a trilogy of music videos or so I’ve read somewhere. There are also a massive collection of live clips and of music videos, the fact is that all of the music videos by Danko Jones are found on the second disc of this DVD-set. I noticed some reviewer complaining about how this DVD was built around the documentary saying that it would have been better had it been built around a live show with the documentary as added stuff, personally I think that is bullshit as it is much better to build it around another feature than a live show as that can attract others than only the band’s fans.

So, lets have a look at what this bunch of DVDs hold for us. Lets start with the documentary which is a ninety minute feature which features mainly Danko himself and JC who sort of speaks about events in the career which is mixed with clips from live shows, recordings or such. It is a documentary that goes through the entire career about the band from the time they were playing live hoping to earn enough to afford the fuel to get to the next show to the most recent times and how they keep aiming to stand there atop the mountain winning grammys and selling millions of records. But at the same time it is not reaching the goal that is the main thing but rather the journey and for Danko it seems to have been one hell of a ride. We see why Danko wears glasses these days, we learn of meanings with certain things, how the songs come to be, why porno is needed in the recording studio and a lot more that you could or couldn’t really want to know about Danko Jones. But what this album really does is offer you an understanding of the hard work that this band has put out to get where they are and how the music business isn’t really a cakewalk. At least this DVD has offered me a greater respect for this band whose music I have never really cared much for.

On the first disc there is also the film called The Ballad of Danko Jones which is a twenty minute long little movie about some cloning, some action, some killing, a storytelling barman and so on, A well directed and filmed little movie it is, the acting isn’t brilliant some times but it is generally quite good. There are some big names in this movie as well, like Elijah Wood and Ralph Macchio who we all know from the Karate Kid movies from way back in the day. As I said the movie is quite entertaining and well made, sure the story isn’t really that amazing but as a whole it is still a rather fun feature to watch and it makes you sort of wonder why not more bands to this kind of thing, but then again I guess it costs a fair bit of money to make such a thing. Don’t hire Danko Jones and his gang of merry men to do your biddings, they seem to be quite bad at such things.

Then we have the other disc which has a bunch of live clips from different shows, the quality of this is a bit varied and some are a bit poor but as a whole they are of a rather good quality. Not much to say about those though, it is typical Danko songs and showmanship. More interesting might be the collection of all Danko Jones music videos which are quite a few to be honest. This second disc can surely be something for all of you fans out there to add to this brilliant documentary. I on the other hand would have rather skipped it than watching it as I don’t think Danko’s songs are particularly interesting.

In the end though I would say that this material is on most part really well filmed, well produced and all of those other things that comes to mind when thinking of movie things. For me after watching this DVD three times I can clearly say that it is a great production and I can honestly say that I am not that bothered by not really liking Danko Jones’ music as the documentary gives me a much better insight than the live show can ever do. So for all of you who either wants all the music videos of Danko Jones, or just wants to learn everything there is to learn about Danko Jones. A very good and very educational movie.



Label: Bad Taste Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Kiss/ AC/DC /The Rolling Stones
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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