Crucifix in a Death Hand
Do Androids Play Electric Guitar?

1. Pyramid Eye
2. Dakota
3. Queen of Oblivion

Janne Jarvis - Bass/Vocals
Linnéa Olsson - Guitars



All songs written, recorded and produced by CIADH.
Mixed by Binary Audio.
Recorded in June 2011 at Mayfire Studios in Linköping, Sweden.
Symbol by Claudio Marino -

Released 27/10-2011
Reviewed 2/2-2012


Do androids play electric guitar? Well, that is a good question, I guess the answer would be if you program them to (no androids are not that stupid phone operative system with that name). This is also the question asked by the duo Janne Jarvis of Hate Callery and Linnea Olsson of Sonic Ritual who make up this Bukowski named band. Their debut release is an EP that you can buy for free from the band’s bandcamp site. There is really not much info to be found of this band, just these sound files on said bandcamp site. According to Janne Jarvis in an interview I did with him they are going to record more material during the early part of 2012, so maybe around this time, so what better thing to do than review their old EP that Janne tipped me about?

I can think of nothing better as all other reviews I am working on are not ready for writing about but I have been done with this opinionwise for a while. But lets start with the musical thing, there is a doomy feel to the album with a slight psychological edge, but there is still quite basic and energetic hard rock music. So a slightly different kind of rock music that still brings the mind to Hate Gallery, mainly because of the voice of Janne Jarvis but also because the style are rather similar. The sound is modern and good, which is probably what might be expected from experienced musicians. The EP has three songs and you get two bonus songs if you download the EP from the bandcamp site. It plays for less than 20 minutes no matter which you do.

I think this is a rather good EP, the songs are good and they are different enough not to sound like everything else in a more and more watered our musical world, or should we say overfilled? Fresh and energetic is what it is and dynamic over the three songs. I think you could say it is a good start for these guys but as an entertainment alone it is too short with only around eighteen minutes if you download the EP and get the instrumental songs that are a bonus for those who download it. It also lacks that real hit song, that song that really grabs you and makes you pay attention to the music.

Still, the EP is good and it creates a very good whole with the songs and how they work together, I think as I said that it is a very good start and for everyone who is interested in the little different it is surely something to look into, but not only for you of course because it is just a little different not that much to be honest.

I don’t know the answer to the question for real, if the question means with passion or just like clockwork then the answer might be yes or it might be no. It is a good question and also a reflection of the music that is most popular today, but also on society today as things are getting more and more dead and robot like, music is often washed out and inoffensive as is movies, and everything with good intentions ends up cancelled because all the androids that are called humans aren’t interested in anything that requires thinking. This EP does require some thinking, so maybe it is something for you who read Hallowed because you aren’t androids, are you? Check it out.



Label: Self Financed
Tre liknande band: Hate Gallery/Black Sabbath/Sonic Ritual
Betyg: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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