The Gin Act

1. Divine69
2. Delightful lies
3. Flickorna på tv2
4. Get wasted
5. Sin & tonic

Samuel – Trummor
Lucky – Bas
Daniel – Gitarr
Elliot – Sång
Johan – Gitarr

Lights Out (2010)


Recorded at at Soundfraction Studio in Stockholm, along with producer Johan Lund and Co-Producer Eddie Siojo

Released 15/4-2012
Reviewed 19/4-2012

sliptrick records

I’d better confess at once that I am not really a fan of the so called sleaze or whatever genre it is this kind of Alko-metal as the band themselves call their music, sure there are some decent stuff in the ranks of these bands but not that many. This however is nothing that really effects my judgement of this EP as I approach every album/EP the same way no matter the genre or name of the band. This band is called Confess and their new EP is called The Gin Act, not really a name that has me thrilled if I am to be completely honest. As the true professional I am though, I have not allowed any of these facts influence my review and my rating of this EP.

A fun fact is that you hear this album many times while preparing and writing a review for Hallowed, I think I ran through the EP six times before changing to something else just before writing this review in English. Therefore I do think I know the music well and it is music that is very simple, very easy to take to and it does not really require anything from you as a listener. It is just straight to the point and nothing else resulting in mostly fast paced songs with catchy choruses and melodies. It is actually quite typical of the style they represent and the same goes for the production, it is hardly like they are breaking any new ground at all with this EP. The ending track is slightly different compared to the rest of the EP though with a bit slower pace and not as energetic as the rest. Then we have the cover of Swedish band Gyllene Tider’s song Flickorna på TV2 (The girls of TV2, a swedish public service television station and the girls are the presenters that they used up until just recently) which also is a tad different mainly because it is sung in Swedish. Five tracks, 21 and a quarter minute of playing time and plenty of energy is what you get with this EP.

As I said I am not really a fan of this kind of music normally but I would still have to say that this EP is quite good, the songs are of a high standard, the final one is a tad dreary but the rest are good and powerful and easy listening. An EP for those time when you just want to have something light and undemanding going in the background, or for the party. It is well made and much more better than I thought it would be but sure it is quite superficial when you start looking into it and the songs are rather similar as well but the opening pair I would say makes a listen to this EP worth your wile and if you skip the end it is even better than it is in its original form.

So I would say that this EP is actually a rather good one the opening pair of tracks on it shows how good this genre can be when it all falls into place, the rest of the songs are okay, nothing fancy even though the lyrics of Get Wasted is a bit far from what I think of as fine lyrics but I guess it is whatever floats your boat in that situation and many connect this kind of music with a high intake of alcohol, something that I never bother with as I kind of dislike alcohol quite a lot. But in the end I would say that it is a fun EP to listen to, maybe not if you pay attention to lyrics but it is not that kind of music, I do have one piece of final advice though, it gets boring quick if you play it over and over as when reviewing it.




Label: Sliptrick Records
Three similar bands: Vains of Jenna/Motley Crue/Hanoi Rocks
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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