The Shape of Things to Come

Label: Valery Records/Metalville/Flying Dolphin Entertainment
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Angra/Edguy
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. No need to Surrender
2. I don`t believe their Lie
3. Endure and Survive
4. Just the same Story
5. The Shape of things to come
6. Promotheus
7. The only way out is through
8. Sinner`s Tale
9. To Heaven and Back
10. Here today gone tomorrow
11. Horizon Calling

Gabriele Bernasconi - Vocals
Manuel Pisano - drums
Luca Princiotta – Guitar
Marco Demartini - Guitar
Paolo Turcati - Bass

Word to the Wise (2009)



Released 27/7-2012
Reviewed 5/11-2012


Somehow I doubt that these guys were really clairvoyant enough considering what they did, but lets not get ahead of us here. Let me show you a little insight in how the hallowed clairvoyance is produced in my style and of course simplified a lot. The thing is that when I write my reviews I ask questions which I write down on a piece of paper or in a pad with a pen, I like writing with pen on paper too bad there isn’t any good functions to write like that and import it into this text document with the right font and everything. But here are the questions that came up when listening to this album and an approximation of my minds’ reasoning in reply to these questions:

What is the first thing that strike me with this album?
Well, nothing really but I can say as much that they are not clairvoyant judging by their backwards musical direction that builds around typical classic heavy metal melodies and song structures even the chorus styles are very recognisable. Albeit there are some atypical additions here and there at random through the album.
So what might have inspired, which bands?
The three similar ones but then there is a massive lump of bands I come to think about when hearing this album, but considering that these guys used to be an Iron Maiden cover band it may not really be that surprising.
So what grabs me now being into the album after a few listens?
Nothing really, at least not to any wider extent. The album ends with a few nice songs and the title track is fairly good as well but all in all it is a quite ordinary album without any focal points to speak of.
What about production and sound?
It is good enough, nothing spectacular but the production does its job and the sound is good enough not to scare any casual listener off.
What is best about the album?
Not much, that it is not bad.
What is worst?
That it sounds like everything else, the lack of anything of their own is something of a letdown I would say.
Anything else noted now that the album is played enough?
Not really, featuring the guitarist of Doro is said in the press sheet which is strange considering the fact that I have never ever heard or read anyone acknowledging the magical guitar work on any Doro album, possibly because there is nothing like that there so why mention a guy no one really knows about or cares about? They are from Como in Italy a city only interesting for being the birthplace of the great Alessandro Volta. I would also say that the vocals aren’t that potent either just to add one more thing to a decent but rather ordinary album.

There you have it, how the thoughts circle around a fairly ordinary and quite uninspiring heavy metal album, a good or interesting album conjures many more questions and ideas. I think these are the most uninspiring albums to write about those that has nothing to take reference to and has good but not that attention grabbing music to boast about as there is just nothing to say about them. And these guys are alright and I am sure that if you are a fan of traditional heavy metal that sounds of old you will be impressed with this album but for the regular music fan it just offers nothing that we haven’t already heard in abundance.



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