Chasing Violets
Outside Heaven

1. I Can't Love No More
2. No Margin For Error
3. The Price To Pay
4. When The Darkness Falls
5. Voices In The Wind
6. Above Suspicion
7. Outside Heaven
8. Hold Back The Dawn
9. No One's Gonna Hurt Me Anymore
10. A Hole In Paradise
11. You're My Obsession
12. Cease Fire
13. Just Wanna Be Your Heroin

Sarah Fontaine : Lead & Backing Vocals
Mélissa Fontaine : Lead & Backing Vocals Göran Edman : Vocals
Philip Bardowell : Vocals
Jerry Hludzik : Vocals
Dane Donohue : Vocals
Rick Riso : Vocals
John Barbour : Vocals
Tommy Denander : All Instruments
Paul Sabu : All Instruments & Vocals
Frédéric Slama : Guitars & Keyboards Christian Tolle : Guitars & Keyboards Robert Säll : Guitars & Keyboards Joey Summer : Guitars & Keyboards
Michael Landau : Guitars
Bruce Gaitsch : Guitars
Colin Rodgers : Guitars
Tim Manford : Guitars
David Mark Pearce : Guitars
Stefano Lionetti : Guitars Mario Percudani : Guitars
Daniel Fontaine : Guitars
Eric Ragno : Keyboards
David Diggs : Keyboards
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keys & Vocals
Morris Adriaens : Keyboards & Vocals
Anna Portalupi : Bass
Urban Danielsson : Bass
Mike Baird : Drums
Miri Miettinen : Drums
Pierpaolo Monti : Drums
Herman Furin : Drums
Pat Thern : Drums
Sacha Spiegel : Drums



Produced by Frédéric Slama

Released 24/7-2012
Reviewed 21/11-2012


French sisters of Chasing Violets presented me with a bit of a challenge in their debut album, an album featuring some of the big and strong names of the AOR genre. The album is produced by Mr Slama of AOR fame and songs of this album can also be found on the latest AOR album, that album was very good but kind of bland and emotionless at the same time. Some of the songs do work better on this album and some works better on the album by AOR, but the album in general has a bit of the same tendency as the AOR album. It is an excellent sounding album, the songs are great but for some reason this album doesn’t really leave me any lasting impression.

It is classic AOR in style with a very melodic sound and catchy choruses, mainly with vocals from the sisters Fontaine but there are some male vocals in there as well. Everything is brilliantly produced and the sound is excellent, the girls do sing very well as well but in a way the reminds me of the first time Seven of Nine of Star Trek Voyager tries her hand at singing in the Someone to Watch Over Me, technically great but no real emotion. I am not saying that these sisters completely lack emotion but it feels a bit like they try too hard to be perfect, and it is more of the same with the production it sounds perfect and had I not heard a million AOR albums by now I would probably have loved this album to death, but now it feels like I enjoy listening to this album but that I miss something.

I think it is a bit like when Harold Zoid tries to get Calculon to emote when recording a drama in a Futurama episode, like Harold want more emoting. I would have loved to hear the girls singing at the tops over their voices and even maybe go over the top at times, and singing calm songs so emotional that their voices do not quite hold up and such things, I love when girls screams their voices out in choruses of great songs and that would have been great to have them really let loose in the songs rather than hitting everything perfectly. Sure I must say that this is a great album in most parts but it still leaves me with this feeling that there is something missing.

So how to summarise this album? Well, it is a great album in most regards, the songs are very good especially Above Suspicion, You’re My Obsession and the ending track Just Wanna Be Your Heroin which is an addictive track and so are the other ones I mentioned. So if you like AOR I think these sisters will most likely appeal to you, they have received many great reviews which is understandable because this album is excellently made and produced but I still think that it lacks a bit of emotion.



Label: Perris Records
Three similar bands: AOR/Issa/Heart
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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