Burning Love

01. Guardian Pipes
02. Guardian Of The Night
03. Burning Love
04. Hold Me, Love Me
05. Heads Up With The Devil
06. Goodbye
07. Life
08. Cold Morning
09. Bachrock
10. Holy Devil
11. Dreamer
12. Run For Your Life
13. A Light In The Dark
14. One World

Mat Rein Jaehnke – Vocals
Steve Carrington – Bass/Keyboards/Back. Vocals
Oliver Krueger – All Guitars
Walter Mueller – Drums

Thunder and Lightning (1988)
Back in Business (2005)
Metal Style (2008)

Oliver Fricke - bagpipes

Recorded at "SCH" Studio Hildesheim
Produced by Cannon
Engineered & mixed by Steve Carrington
Mastered by Lasse Lammert at LSD-Studio, Lübeck
Coverdesign and Artwork by Ingo Ertl
Photos by Cannon

Released 7/9-2012
Reviewed 13/9-2012


A cannon is any piece of artillery that uses gunpowder or other usually explosive-based propellents to launch a projectile. Cannon vary in caliber, range, mobility, rate of fire, angle of fire, and firepower; different forms of cannon combine and balance these attributes in varying degrees, depending on their intended use on the battlefield. The word cannon is derived from several languages, in which the original definition can usually be translated as tube, cane, or reed. The plural of cannon is also cannon, though more commonly in America, cannons. In the modern era, the term cannon has fallen out of common usage, replaced by "guns" or "artillery" if not a more specific term such as "mortar" or "howitzer". In aviation, cannon generally describes weapons firing bullets larger than 5 inches (12.7 mm) in diameter.

A Cannon can also be a German melodic hardrock band playing music in a similar vain to countrymen of Bonfire, Accept, Herman Frank, Luley, Scorpions, UDO, etc. Which means quite melodic hardrock with catchy choruses, a raspy powerful vocalist and the classic German guitar sound as well as the classical german a bit raw yet melodic sound. It is a quartet that has managed three albums before this one, as well as some reissues of the debutalbum from 1988 and some demoreleases as well following their comback in 2003. They also had the recordings from their second album to be, stolen back in 1991 shortly after which the band disbanded.

So, a Cannon is either a piece of artillery or a German band, I think you can guess which one we have reviewed here, right?

Yes, that’s right. We have received an M242 Bushmaster for review of its musical properties when killing people. It was a bloody job but review is done now.

Of course I am only kidding but I guess you already knew that, stalling for time as it would have been called if I was talking. I like this Cannon album as it is a solid piece of music, not without problems though which i will address before I tell you why it is good. I think this album is a bit incoherent while it is still a bit unvaried as well, this i believe is due to the album having 14 tracks which makes it feel a bit long despite having a playing time of only 46 minutes. Usually ten tracks is the max that works well on an album with one or two added for short intros our outros but ten songs is often what we can handle before things starts to mess up. Sure if you are creating a concept in a more elaborate way, the rules might change but not for a traditional album. And there are some songs feeling like they don’t quite fit in, not because they are bad just because they sound wrong where they are placed. It is a sensation that is a bit hard to quantify more than that though, but the last song is one example of this.

I think the album starts fantastically, the opening intro that changed into Guardian of the night is a great rock song. It is almost more a narrative than a song as it feels so like it is telling a story around a campfire somewhere in the dark of the night, especially the second part of the verses is brilliant but the song itself is quite brilliant. I also think the track called Goodbye is one that sticks on your mind while the rest of the songs are good but not really there at the same time which makes the album from one perspective quite average with some nice highlights. But if you are into the German melodic hardrock you can be sure that this is one excellent choice for you as it is a really strong album all in all.

So I would say that I am quite positive to this album, it may not be as amazing or great as seeing the Swedish statsminister (head of government) getting hit by a cannon ball, but as good as kicking him in the face. That means that it definitely is an album worth looking closer at if you enjoy bands like Accept, Bonfire or others like them, I also must add that the “liner notes” for the songs in the booklet is a good read while enjoying this album.




Label: Meantime Music/Yesterrock/Germusica
Three similar bands: Accept/Hermann Frank/Luley
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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