Bust a Move
There's no Place Like Home

1. Intro
2. Contaminated
3. Inner Demon
4. Swallow the Pill of Disrespect
5. There’s no Place like Home
6. Desperation
7. Dormientes Diabolus
8. The Lion’s Prey
9. Misanthropic Hell
10. Catharsis of the Damned
11. The Apocalypse

Marc A. - Vocals
Phil N. - Guitar
Dimi T. - Guitar
Lasse W. - Bass
Dominik S. - Drums



Recorded, mixed and mastered at Pitchback Studios by Aljoscha Sieg
Rob Borbas aka. Grindesign - artwork

Released 19/10-2012
Reviewed 15/10-2012


There’s no place like home, from where do I recognise that? Oh yeah, it was in that old film from a time long passed, a time where fantasy and imagination still ruled. Where knowledge was in the mind and not in a tiny thing with a screen. This is what German band Bust a Move (clever name) calls their debut album which has an outstanding artwork if we are to believe the record label who tries to sell them of course and the cover art looks quite good but outstanding is maybe a bit overzealous. The reviews is another thing that can be called overzealous, most that I have seen has been really positive and I found one that was just mildly positive but most as I said are very positive towards this album albeit the band name wasn’t well received by all which is understandable.

Musically we are talking about deathcore here, with a vocal range from death growls to hardcore screams. It is not particularly ground breaking or anything like that, I would say that it is fairly typical deathcore with some groove. The production is very good, catches the style of the band very well even though some might see the lack of something of their own as a problem. I think that you here the band’s competence and all of that in this album, it is heavy, and groovy and a bit angry as well, kind of typical deathcore to be honest.

It is quite well made this album and it is okay deathcore but nothing new or fancy that we haven’t heard before. I tend to dislike people who just walk in others’ footprints which is what these guys do but you can overlook such things if they can offer exceptional songs. Bust a Move does not however, offer these exceptional songs as their songs are decent but very ordinary deathcore songs. I must say that I find this album quite alright in terms that it is listenable but not alright in terms of it being interesting. One question is why? why not even try to make something of their own? that is my question but I suppose as this will be very familiar to fans of deathcore it will also appeal very much to those same people.

So I suppose it is something to look up if you are a fan of deathcore, if you aren’t you will have better luck finding the music of your liking elsewhere. Can you be impressed and not impressed at the same time? I am with this album.



Label: Bastardized Recordings/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: Molotov Solution/Slice The Cake/Make Them Suffer
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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