Burning Point
The Ignitor

1. Eternal Flame
2. In the fires of my self-made hell
3. In the night
4. The ignitor
5. Silent scream
6. Heaven is hell
7. Losing sleep
8. Demon inside of you
9. Everdream
10. Lost Tribe
11. Holier than Thou

Pete Ahonen - Vocals, Guitars
Jussi Ontero - Keyboards, drums
Jukka Jokikokko - Bass
Pekka Kolivuori - Guitars

Salvation by Fire (2001)
Feeding the Flames (2003)
Burned Down the Enemy (2006)
Empyre (2009)


Recorded at HelGate and Reindeer Horns Studios and mastered at Tico Tico Studios (Sonata Arctica, Sentenced) by Ahti Kortelainen
Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco

Released 19/5-2012
Reviewed 4/8-2012

scarlet records

Now we have more Finnish on Scarlet following our Lullacry review, this time it is Burning Point who was founded around the same year. A power metal band that has been lurking a bit outside my radar, I do have one album from 2006 which I just found now, couldn’t really have made much impression on me though conisdering I only vaguely thought that I might have owned an album with them. But it is not that album that is under review now, it is the new one which is called The Ignitor. It is a an album with a cool cover artwork and the band also does have a pretty cool logotype and their graphics looks really neat overall for this album. But how it looks is not what is under review here, it is the quality of the music that is.

And the music is classical power metal of the style that was once awakened by Helloween in the eighties and then again by Hammerfall in the late nineties. No fancy tricks just quick melodic metal with catchy choruses, some keyboard enhancements to the songs and just classical power metal. The singer sings in a lower pitch than is usual in the genre and the album is not overly varied but there is some variation on the theme over the eleven tracks and near 44 minutes of music this album offers.

I would say that it is a good album, with songs that are catchy and enjoyable. I have enjoyed listening to the album for the around ten times that I have, but at the same time it has become slightly tiresome lately as it just doesn’t have the depth and variation to remain interesting for an extended period. Many has given the album good reviews and maybe if you like power metal it will be a great album to enjoy. For me it might be suitable when driving or something in that fashion, when I don’t have to listen to carefully.

This review was slightly shorter than mine usually are but if you like catchy power metal that conforms to all known stylistics you will most certainly enjoy this album as well. I did however find the track Loosing Sleep quite memorable, don’t really know why but I think it was the real treat of the album. In the end a fun, catchy power metal album that I found quite entertaining to listen to, I am sure you will find it just as amusing if you give it a chance.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Stratovarius/Sonata Arctica/Hammerfall
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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