Full Pull

01. Midnight Oil
02. Full Pull
03. Running Away
04. All Fired Up
05. Rolling Home
06. In The Heat
07. High On The Hog
08. Rush Hour
09. Freeriding
10. Gutterview
11. Warriors

Hell Hofer – Vocals
Hampus Klang – Lead Guitar
Erik Almstrom – Lead Guitar
Adam Hector – Bass
Gustav Hjortsjo – Drums

Heading For The Top (2006)
Bite the Bullet (2008)
Highway Pirates (2011)


Recorded at Gutterview Recorders in Solna, Sweden with producers Nicke Andersson and Fred Estby

Released 12/10-2012
Reviewed 11/10-2012

nuclear blast

Let me begin with a question: There are 18 studio and six live albums by AC/DC, 13 studio albums and three live albums by accept, four albums by Bonafide and three already by this band not to count the stuff by UDO and others similar bands, isn’t all of that enough? Apparently not according to Bullet who thinks they need to release a fourth unnecessary album offering nothing that they haven’t released before and whatever they have released hasn’t ever offered anything that feels new or fresh or even not repeated too much already. This new fourth album has a lion on the cover, I like lions and have to say that the cover is the only good thing about this album.

I think that you can copy-paste a description of any of the over 40 albums I have already alluded to in the first paragraph of this review, which means indefinitely repeated rock riffs and whiny vocals. Nothing new or fresh whatsoever, but that was probably not to expect since there has never been anything like that from these guys. The songs have no variation at all and the eleven tracks on this albums sounds exactly like one another and like any of the other tracks I have heard from this band before. If you want to hear the entire album you have to endure around 38 minutes of torture.

Caj said about Bonafide that they are slowly killing the music and the exact same thing can be said about Bullet and their copy-pasting from AC/DC and other bands like them. The singer is even a Brian Johnson clone, or maybe Udo clone or a clone of whatever the guy who sings in Bonafide is called. If patents were applicable to sound I think Bulled would have been sued to bankruptcy a long time ago considering that they copy from all kinds of sources and no this crap is not needed at all, it really sucks.

The only reason to get this album is if you want to kill creative music, the fact that bands like this even gets record contracts and with big labels is a really sad one and the best thing would be if they just faded away and was forgotten. I wonder if that lion is aware of what kind of crap i adorns. My recommendation is to stay as far away from this crap as possible.



Label: Nuclear Blast/Warner
Three similar bands: AC/DC / Accept / Bonafide
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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