Blood Tracks
(with i.a. Easy Action)

Jeff harding (John)
Michael Fitzpatric (Bob)
Naomi Kaneda (Suzie)
Brad Powell
Peter Merrill
Harriet Robinson
Tina Shaw
Frances Kelly
Karina Lee
Helena Jacks
Lotte Heise
Zin Zan
Chris Lynn
Alex Tyrone
Freddie van Gerber
Kee Marcello
Filippa Silverstone
Frederick Offrein
Torsten Wahlund
Sonja Lund
Ingemar Andersson
Mats Helge (Caretaker)
Lars Gunnar Anderson
Per-Ola Borhult
Derek Ford
Tommy Ellgren
Jonathan Kosakow
Anders Lindberg
Joakim Österlund
Robbin Bruzelius
Fatima Bruzelius
Jesper Westerlund

Directed by:
Mats Helge
Derek Ford (uncredited)
Writing credits:
Mats Helge
Anna Wolf
Produced by:
Tom Sjoberg (producer)
Djordje Zecevic (executive producer)
Original Music by: Dag Unenge
Cinematography by: Hans Dittmer
Film Editing by: David Gilbert
Makeup Department:
Lotte Heise (makeup artist)
Gunilla Kallkvist (makeup artist)
Associate director: Derek Ford
Sound Department:
Lars Gunnar Anderson (sound engineer)
Roger Lundey (sound editor)
Special & visual effects:
Mats Helge (special effects)
Dick Ljunggren (special effects)
Gunnar Andersson (color grader)
Stunts: Tommy Ellgren
Camera and Electrical Department:
Ingemar Andersson (gaffer)
Mikael Andersson (grip)
Per-Ola Borhult (head grip)
Karl-Johan Fröjd (grip)
Martin Karlsson (grip)
Anders Lindberg (grip)
John Peltola (grip)
Per-Erik Österlund (grip)
Costume and Wardrobe Department:
Madeleine Bruzélius (wardrobe supervisor)

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Released 2012
Reviewed 29/9-2012

studio s

Since this is a review of a DVD release that's only made in Sweden, I haven't bothered writing a review in English as well but only used Google translate and pasted the text unedited… well, it's almost understandable (great translation Google - you know how to translate)…(not).

It's not often we get to review games movies Hallowed but when Studio S in september DVD released horror film Blood Tracks, including band Easy Action in the cast, it is hard not to. The film was shot in Sweden, specifically in the area around Funäsdalen in Härjedalen 1985, the Swedish director Mats Helge Olsson and was quickly banned in most parts of the world for their violent and aggravated sexual content. Now there are the words of the DVD and all to all of you who missed the movie, I can only say one thing: why?

While contemporary horror films like Nightmare On Elmstreet, Halloween, Friday The 13th and The Evil Dead gone and become classics, it is probably only the most hardcore horror enthusiasts who even heard of Blood Tracks and when you look at the film, it is easy to understand why. The photo is terrible with overexposed snömiljöer interspersed with jet black interiors of the factory building where most of the action takes place. The sound is also really bad with usually severe hearing dialogue and lousy pressed mood music. The plot, however, is the film's biggest problem, because while the film's action is based on an interesting idea with a credible scenario in a divig rock group go up to the mountains to shoot a music video and then becomes solid after an avalanche then the execution of the idea is not at all as successful as the potential that was the basic idea.

The plot is based on the mountains, there is a vicious inbred family of outcast entries from society and when rock band with their film crew comes and disturbs their peace with slutty women and loud music so turn it snapped in the mind of the inbred who embarks on meat hunting. Even with the antagonist in place allows the film's idea is still not entirely bad, it's just that most of the film, it happens nothing. No one caught up in one of the many avalanches that makes the band and film crew gets stuck in the mountains and maimed or injured with grand scenes of blood, although two people even get caught in the avalanche. They dug up quickly without anyone's body parts chopped off of spades or eyes put out with the skewer they use to hunt them down, which I think would be more appropriate in a horror movie like this. Once the first murders begins to happen is it harmless visual scenes that more reminds me of how Morlocksen in originaversionen of The Time Machine provides on Eloi people because the inbred family empty similar Morlocksen in the film and the violence is of about the same caliber.

There are some visually interesting scenes in the film, especially those where someone dies spectacularly by having sharp objects through the body, or when one of the protagonists fired up, and when the real antagonist gets his forearm avskjuten with a rifle - but most of the so-called "horror scene" is pathetic, to be kind, and overall the film feels more targeted to young children than an adult audience. The only reason I can imagine that the film was censored so hard is the numerous sex scenes with open nudity, who tend to lead to moral panic among the older generation. Especially in the past. Personally I think otherwise that movies like The Terminator and Alien is much more violent, disgusting and terrifying than this and none of them were even close to this censored at the time.

I do not think the movie is completely and utterly miserable, it has fine features and can watch without unhindered to turn off the crap, but it will not be your best 85 minutes of life - I think I can guarantee that. Compared with the best the genre has to offer, both contemporary and contemporary stand up Blood Tracks rather weak and had it not been for that one must see Kee Marcello main mutilated I would probably not even liked the movie been fit to kill an hour and a half when you absolutely can not think of anything else to do.

Some call the cult horror movie but it's honest, being well kind to it. Not even real horror enthusiasts are said to be especially fond of this and you are a person who does not even like horror from the beginning teaches you definitely think that it is not worthwhile. But perhaps for those who collect or just like Easy Action. With the DVD release is also available in a single edition of We Go Rocking, which has B track Jack's Back, unless the movie is good enough might in any case it can be interesting? Hmmm ... I do not know.



Label: Studio S
Three similar films: Nightmare On Elmstreet/Friday The 13th/Halloween
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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