Beaten to Death
Xes and Strokes

1. Pointless Testament
2. Winston Churchill
3. On Running
4. A Soulless Alarm
5. 3-2-1, It´s On!
6. Cat Olympics
7. A Word To The Wise
8. Groundhog Day
9. Xes And Strokes

Anders Bakke – vocals
Martin Rygge – guitar/backing vocals
Tommy Hjelm – guitar/backing vocals
Mika Martinussen – bass
Christian “Bartender” Svendsen – drums



Recorded 100 % live in studio over one weekend (with just the vocals added a few days later)

Released 1/11-2011
Reviewed 14/2-2012


Grindcore is usually as funny to listen to as it is to wrestle an alligator or to be beaten to death, I think I’d rather do any of those rather than listening to grindcore. Beaten to Death is said to be a no-nonsense such band, which means that they are straight to the point and all of that. A band of decently known norwegian musicians that has combined themselves for a short session in the studio. Some are from bands I have heard while others are not, the album itself has a boring look from the outside and the selling of them as mindless drones of a mindless genre does nothing to make them interesting to me.

Musically it is straight to the point, no-nonsense I think you could say. It is an aggressive and energetic piece where everything goes in hyperspeed, the vocals are either growling or vocal chord ruining screams. Eighteen minutes is the length of the nine tracks making it a short and very intensive album, I guess what you see is what you get applies even though it applies to most things out there and is just a strange thing to say about music. I wonder what to call this, EP or album it is many tracks but it is short seen in playing time, sure it doesn’t really matter.

Migraine is probably the best description of what I think about this album, it gives me a bad headache with its annoyingly mindless music that doesn’t in any sense of the way make me happy. The only good thing is that it is short so that the torture of listening to it isn’t that long. For me it is a mystery that anyone can like this kind of music and that there are reviewers that actually gives this creation good reviews, it is not good it is crap. But still, who am I to judge those who like unsophisticated and mindless music? Just because I want my music to be more than a lot of rackety noise doesn’t that mean that I judge those who likes rackety noise.

So, I would say that this album or whatever I should call it is as much fun as manual labour, it is daft, boring, and stupid, a pointless album that only appeals to those who wants their music very heavy and energetic without real thought. Now that I have turned this album off the migraine is slightly better and I am happy now that I can leave this review and record behind. In the garbage is probably the place it belongs, but if you do like grindcore you might think it is alright. I think though that it is just tiring and the best moment on the record is the one where the music ends.



Label: Mas-Kina Recordings
Three similar bands: Aborted/In-Quest/Benighted
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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