Use Your Deluge

1. Void Mother
2. Children of the Atom Bomb
3. Forever Animal
4. Red Majesty

goatspeed - guitars
kvohst - vocals
paile - drums
arino - bass

White Stains On Black Tape (2010)



Released 23/5-2012
Reviewed 9/7-2012

svart records

One might wonder if the milk that overflows the glass on the shot of the band that I suppose is the cover of this EP is the milk of a beast, and why don’t he stop pouring when the glass is full? It is not really easy to learn anything about this band, not much is revealed about them and their work around the web but after some searching the net I at least found the nicknames of the band’s members but not really that much more. One more thing I found was that the band got very good reviews for this little EP. But looking at it and the name of it, it is not that easy to pinpoint what kind of music we are up for with this release but it is fair to say that when I saw what I was to download I wasn’t really that excited to be honest. But professional as I am I got on with it and now I am done with it.

A short little EP that plays for less than fourteen minutes on four tracks, by others it has been described as some sort of post punk or something weird like that. I think that you can describe it as simplistic rock music with a rather raw sound, but yet it sounds quite modern and it is a bit deeper than you might think at first glance as well. I would say that it is a well made and well produced little disc, or rather seven inch vinyl, that I think should appeal to anyone who is into music that isn’t as overly polished as music of today often is.

My spontaneous reaction would be: surprisingly good. I think the first two tracks of this EP are great, the last two are good as well but nothing special, nothing that really convinces you to play it again. I would say that with a few more tracks and maybe one more in the quality of one of the first two, this would have been great. Now it is just too short to really want to play and if you but it on repeat you quickly grow tired of it so the main problem of this EP is not the quality as that is more than adequate but the shortness of it. When should you play it, it ends in less than a quarter of an hour and that is too short to play when driving, when working on stuff and with only only half of the tracks being brilliant it is nothing you want to sit down and listen to either so the only thing is on a mixed playlist or something like that and as this is a review of a complete EP by a band that is not really a case in point for this EP.

So, I have a hard time seeing a point of this little EP, but two of the songs are really good even though I doubt that I will play them any time after this review is finished which is about now. So well made and great in a way but when should I play it as I never make mixed playlists, so if you don’t care for completeness like in albums I guess there is a value for you, I on the other hand hope for an album because that will be a real treat.



Label: Svart Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Killing Joke/Dead Kennedys/Misfits
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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