1. Atoma
2. Skylight
3. Hole in the Sky
4. Highway
5. Bermuda Riviera
6. Resonance
7. Solaris
8. Rainmen
9. Saturn and I
10. Cloud Nine

Ehsan Kalantarpour - vocals/synth
Markus Hill - drums
Siavosh Bigonah - bass/guitar
Christian Älvestam - guitar/vocals



Recorded in The Panic Room Studios
created with AtomA's official sound-engineer partner Thomas 'Plec' Johansson

Released 30/3-2012 EU 3/4-2012 US
Reviewed 26/3-2012



“This is our playground at the end of the world” this is a statement that this band seems to be making around the web but also goodbye Earth and stuff which sort of makes you think in apocalyptic terms and in a way that is what this story is about. It is about leaving earth in search of something better and the story circles around two astronauts and their adventures through space. Something like that, if you are more curious about that and other things Atoma I recommend that you look at our article that we will publish in the next few days. Otherwise there is not much information about Atoma and the band and whoever has produced and whatever else there is in terms of creating an album, not much history either but from what I have gathered the members are from a band called Slumber but now with some additional help or something like that. The artwork is quite stunning I should add.

It speaks of escapism, atmospheric music and the likes of that and why not? After all it is a correct way to describe it, “ridiculous” as John Mitchell should have said as it is so over the top, a larger than life kind of musical expression that is a story told in ten tracks and 47 minutes. It might be something that will not suit everyone’s taste in music as it requires a conscious effort to really get something out of it and many people today don’t really ever want to think in terms of anything just have it all explained and served and be told what to think and this is not an album if you are such a person as it requires an effort from you to fill in the blanks of the story and for you to really listen to get anything out of it. But with that said it is not an overly complex creating just larger than life and very grande, over the top, otherworldly or whatever adjective you figure suits best for something that is an escape from reality of sorts. The soundscape of this album is really well produced and in terms of production it is a quality product that’s for sure. While listening I get the distinct feeling that the band has listened to a certain dutchman (not the flying one) as the spacey sound is reminiscent of said dutchman’s sound.

I find this album pushing all the right buttons for me, I am very interested in space and sci-fi so space adventures is a perfect thing for me and the music of this album is really an escapism, it is an escape from the boredom of everyday life, an escape from whatever everyday chores that are to be made just then and I think this is what music should be all about. Everyday life is still in our lives everyday so why should it be in our music, movies or entertainment? I think those things should be an escape and that is exactly what Atoma is and the fact that only your imagination limits the scope and meaning of the story means that for me with an unlimited imagination it is a story that can expand endlessly and that is fantastic. And this just after the brilliant musical journey of It Bites and not too far since the Star One album or Eluveitie’s Helvetios either so, there are still musicians understanding the meaning of entertainment to be larger than life and Atoma is certainly one of those constellations.

If you ask me to pick out a hit song from this album I would say that it is quite impossible as the songs sort of intertwine and ends up creating this complete story, this whole and are in itself just pieces of a whole even though most of them stands very well on their own it is in the complete package that they really shine. It is a concept album that is telling the story brilliantly and this without any unnecessary in between fillers as there are on some concept albums. I think that this album is a brilliant album and a great way to have an escape from the perils of everyday life, a top notch album no doubt and it is the second best album so far this year.



Label: Napalm Records
Three similar bands: Slumber/Vangelis/Ayreon
Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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