To Nowhere and Beyond

1. Impulse
2. Standard Man
3. Nowhere And Beyond
4. Beyond Infinite
5. Eternity
6. Time After Time
7. My Road
8. cEvilisation
9. Underworlds

Julien Putigny - Guitars
Maxime Putigny - Bass
Laurent Falso - Drums


Andy Kuntz - vocals
David Steele - vocals
Edu Falaschi - vocals
Paul Shortino - vocals
Tara - vocals
Michelle - vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Julien Putigny at Orpheus
Drums recorded at Hacienda Studios, Tarere, France with Jordan Clermidi
Mastered by Andy VanDette at Masterdisk, New York, USA
Cover concept, logo and booklet design by Julien and Mixime Putigny
Cover photo by Arnaud Crepier

Released 11/5-2012
Reviewed 29/5-2012

brennus music

Is there a touch of Stargate inspiration I note on the cover? Well, it is very similar and the mention of Abydos in the press information hardly diminishes that notion, does it? Anyway, french brothers Putigny figured it would be cool to create some kind of project and for their debut they managed to enlist very acclaimed singers like Andy Kuntz of Vanden Plas who is one of the best singers in the genre, and add to that Edu from Angra, Paul Shortino and very skilled singer David Steele along with two female vocalist whose last names are not mentioned in the booklet and they are not even mentioned in the press sheet, so much for equality, eh? But adding all these up you have six and that equals a top notch vocalist cast for this album. But what about these guys then, what are they up to? judging by the cover art and logo it would not be too far fetched to guess progressive metal with sci-fi themed lyrics and on that assumption I am partly right as it is described as progressive metal. They are however, trying to take another direction than the typical sci-fi themed lyrics with adventures moving more into inner space than the outer one.

I would say that the best way to describe this is as an adventure, a journey through many different areas, through very dynamic and changing landscapes that pass by outside the windows of whatever vehicle you use for the journey. It has a direction taking the music the best, not always the shortest, way to the destination set out before the journey. Unlike many poor progressive metal bands they do not end up stagnant our hesitant anywhere through the nine tracks making up this album, it has a good constant flow like a journey that smoothly takes you to the correct destination. The landscapes outside the windows while on this journey can be either very large and majestic but they can also be small and empty making the landscape very dynamic and ever-changing and that is how they appear Atlantyca but always with a direction and never stagnant. It is always very melodic in appearance.

Some Swedish reviewer said something about Andy Kuntz being on this album and compared Atlantyca to Vanden Plas saying that when Vanden Plas was doing unexpected stuff Atlantyca wasn’t or something like that, seemingly wanting to say that Vanden Plas are very complex and difficult which I find not being the case, just like Dream Theater I think the strength of good progressive metal bands is their simplicity in which their music appears to be performed and Vanden Plas is like Dream Theater or Atlantyca quite uncomplicated and appears like they do not seek a progressive sound. And not seeking to sound progressive or at least appearing not to do that is the most important feature of good progressive music as bands who are looking to be progressive but ends up being incoherent and often boring.

I do think this album is really good, it is dynamic, the songs are simple and very good and the singers all do really well with David Steele having a bit of an edge over the others I think but not a big one. I think that the best way to describe this album is that it is epic in a relaxed kind of way, not trying to be something just for the sake of being it. I also think that this is an adventure showing just how clever it is to make music with progressive elements but keeping to shorter songs and not trying to complicate things just to appear progressive, it is simple and it is great. This makes the 47 minutes of this album appear quite short, and how often do we get progressive metal albums that is without longer than ten minute songs? This is one of those. But the best way to enjoy this album is to turn it on then sit back and relax, allow it to take you on and adventure beyond nowhere I promise you it will be worth it because of what you will find there. And what is to be found there you ask. The answer to that is that only you can answer that, and to do that you will need a copy of this album.



Label: Brennus Music/Rhône-Alpes regional council/Germusica
Three similar bands: Vanden Plas/Angra/Dream Theater
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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