Open Your Eyes to Society

1. Radio
2. These are the times
3. All that I am
4. Kara´s carousel
5. Paranormal abstract of everyday life
6. Their shoes
7. Wake up sleepyhead
8. Me, myself and I
9. Oceans
10. Heavy things
11. Keep me awake

Justin King - Vocals, guitar
Comron Fouladi - Vocals, bass
Cristian Navarro - Drums, percussion



Chad I. Ginsburg - Mastering
Produced by Seth Henderson & Athel
Mixed by Seth Henderson
Rob Benetti - Photography

Released 8/5-2012
Reviewed 18/6-2012


Wake up sleepyhead, you need to open your eyes to society! That seems to be what this Chicago based trio seems to think at least by judging from the song titles of their debut album called Open Your Eyes to Society. The cover of this is good and feels in line with the time even though the telescreen rather is a computer than a television set, still it is a good looking cover and thought worthy as well. I do not really know that much about this band other than them having found themselves a decent fan base already and that they just have released their debut album. I have also managed to find out that they are often described as pop punk which just feels like one more stupid labelling in the already overlabeled rock genre, Green Day and Foo Fighters are often namedropped amongst those labelling them, the former should be considered a very bad sign considering that they are as talented as a piece of bark from a bonga bonga tree. But lets not jump to conclusions about what Athel might offer just yet.

Opening track Radio sets a tone that is more or less significant for the entire album, it shows what to expect from the following ten tracks one could say. It is poppy punky rock music with ridiculously catchy choruses, simple song structures, three chord build-ups and a quite melodic touch. The singer sounds a bit childish but it works well in the overall musical picture and the production gives a very good sound that emphasises what the band is focusing on doing which is simple and catchy melodic rock music. In a way I can understand where they come from those who compare them to Green Day even though you should never compare a band to them as it is like comparing a person to Hitler, they are that bad. Open Your Eyes to Society does not only offers catchiness in droves, they also shows maturity in the fact that they vary their eleven songs so much that the album actually feels varied which is a bit unpunkish to say the least. But they do remain punkish in one aspect, playing time which is only 38 minutes which shows them being short and to the point, at least on paper.

It starts out catchy as hell with the track Radio which would have been a major hit in the hands of say Green Day. Although I cannot quite see the point in comparing this band to Green Day as many reviewers have done, it is like comparing a pile of excrement with a Rolex watch with Athel being the watch. It is in a way easy to see the comparison though, radio friendly punkish rock but it ends there as Athel feels fresh and their music is sillily catchy and powerful while that other band feels like insomniacs performing tired music for people with no real taste in music.

It is simple, clever, silly and rather wonderful in its simplistic way this album. The opening track Radio sets the tone really well with this wonderful silly catchiness and the album follows in a similar way. I think that Kara’s Carousel is a great track, possibly the best on the album, an enjoyable piece of music with brilliant catchy hooks and melodies. The one with a schizophrenic title Me, Myself and I is another one worthy of a mention but even if I keep naming song titles it is the whole of the thing that works as well and this ridiculously catchy and simple recipe is not one for disaster but one for success which I am sure this band could achieve given the proper promotion.

A nice surprise this one, an excellent and enjoyable album that I can recommend to anyone who enjoys music. In a way it is “less is more” illustrated in one album, less fuzzing about, less minutes just focused on super catchy choruses and a simplistic songs. It is just great, sillily catchy and you cannot help breaking a smile while listening to the songs on this album, remember Athel as that is probably a name that you will hear more of in the future.



Label: Mortal Music
Three similar bands: King's X/Foo Fighters/Green Day
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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