Asylum Pyre
Fifty Years Later

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Xandria/Niobeth/Operatika
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Will You Believe Me?
2. Dead In Copenhagen
3. The Frozen Will
4. These Trees
5. The Herd
6. Fisherman's Day
7. Against The Sand
8. Any Hypothesis
9. Just Before The Silence
10. Fifty Years Later

Peuch Julien - Bass
Chaos Heidi - Vocals
Decaillon Tony - Keyboard
Cadot Johann - Vocals, Guitar
Schiltz Hervé - Guitar

Natural Instinct? (2009)


Recorded and mixed by Didier Chesneau at the MII Recording Studio in France
Mastered by Bruno Gruel at Elektra Mastering in France

Released 7/12-2012
Reviewed 28/11-2012


Water levels half a meter higher than today and four degrees warmer average temperatures, to me that sounds kind of good and it might mean that nature reclaims some of the beaches from the relentless exploitation and warmer is always better, at least where I’m sitting. This is what the climate alarmists are proposing will happen in fifty years in their latest claims, and the evidence for that seen in the recorded statistics is that the water levels has risen around six centimeters in the last 20 years (which is about as long as satellites has been used to measure sea levels) and the temperature has risen less than a degree in over a hundred years until today. But why am I saying this then? Well because this album which is the second by french quintet Asylum Pyre is on an ecological theme and is said to explore a possible evolution for our planet, I have no idea though if they preach the teachings of Gore or if they look at other aspects. We shall always take care of our planet, all we do has some kind of impact on the surrounding nature and for now this is the only planet we have access to.

I do however not think that the theme really take too much space in the musical landscape of these guys, what they do is melodic metal with female vocals with high focus geared towards appealing melodies. The female vocals are very good especially in the midtempo parts, the tempo is otherwise varied and in many parts a bit more on the uptempo side but it is a varied album both in tempo and style. All is being well held together with a very strong production and a good sound. A very modern production it is with a positive feel as well as a warm sound, is it perhaps that something positive will be seen fifty years later, it is not the end of the album though because that is 48 minutes later.

I may not be a subscriber to the climate religion (I have never been one of blind faith) but if these guys are their preaching does not really bother as the theme is as I said quite buried in the music which is a good thing as the music is rather brilliant. Sure, it will not be remembered fifty years later unless it is subjected to some minor miracle, not because it is bad but because to be written into the history books you need to reach a very wide audience and I doubt these guys will. Still, I never say never so let it be unsaid, on quality alone it would not be unthinkable that this could be something interesting for people in a world where we dodge tornadoes and hurricanes while we scoot along in our boats looking desperately for some shelter from the heat and to avoid the hurricanes as well as the swimming polar bears who have no ice to hunt from anymore. With that sort of waterworldly interlude I just wanted to say that this is a great album which I like.

Best I like the song called These Trees along with the ending title track and this is due to the fact that they nail everything I find good with this band in those two tracks, they are both midtempo tracks as well and the feel of these songs is just amazing and I can listen to this album just because of those two songs. So, if you like melodic metal that is sung by a girl then I think you should enjoy this great album as well, I know I enjoyed it.




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