As My World Burns
Mistakes Art Gallery

1. Dalí Carried a Melting Clock in his Pocket
2. Like Scavenger Birds playing Poker
3. And That´s why Personal Deep Conversations Never have a Happy Ending
4. We Both knew This City was never big enough for the 2 of Us… So I Ran!
5. Water Bears & Jellyfish
6. The Sound of The Waves

Raul Lopez - vocals
Alex Ruiz - drums
Miguel Sevillano - bass
Txus Rosa - guitar
Alberto Garcia- guitar

Letters From Alaska (2009)


Recorded and mixed in The Metal Factory Studios byAlex Cappa
Mastered by Brett Caldad-Lima & Erik Monsonis

Released 27/1-2012
Reviewed 4/7-2012


A gallery of mistake art, sounds interesting? I imagine it is something like the Louvre filled with things like the Mona-Lisa with a moustache, the Dalí painting of the melting clocks with clocks not melting and things like that. Did you by the way know that said artist carried a melting clock in his pocket? He did, if we are to believe this band. I don’t think As My World Burns is a good band name, it is too long and doesn’t really convey any sense of excitement. But they are spanish so english might not be their primary language which might be why they did not figure out a cleverer name, then again it might only be me who does not like long band names. Mistakes Art Gallery is the second release of this band and can be found to buy for desired price at their bandcamp site, make sure you pay them well enough when you buy this little six-track EP.

Post-Hardcore was a labelling I found, but there is not much information on this but I would say that it is a decent label if one care for those things. It is vocally both growly and clean singing, the music is quite catchy but from the general melodies as there aren’t really that many catchy choruses on this EP. The song titles are six in number and they are quite clever and so is the musical directions this EP take, while being clever it is not really that different from most other stuff we hear in the genre. The production is also as expected, clean and modern neither new and exciting nor dated so it is a decent production. It plays for twenty seven and a half minutes and during that time you get an okay sense of variation, not overly much but enough to separate the songs from one another.

This is a very good EP, it shows not only the musical skills of this band but also their quality as creators of music. The music is complex yet easy to take in, not dependant on choruses it will not bore you as fast many albums in the post-hardcore genre does. Quite impressive I would say, maybe not overly so but it is definitely exciting enough and entertaining enough to keep you interested for a long time despite the quite short playing time. I think this EP shows not only great potential but it also sets up expectations for a good full length album but also for some great entertainment while waiting for said album.

All is not fantastic though as there are some small niggles with this EP, the growls are not too fascinating and tends to be slightly boring. The clean vocals are not that amazing all the way through either, and they really should try and find some more hit based songs as that should create a lot more variation in their music and create a better focal point as that is something I feel is missing from this EP. Even with these niggles this is a great EP and thinking that there are some areas where there is lots of room for improvements I would say that they have the potential for a great album in the near future. Until then you can always listen to this EP which I recommend that you do.



Label: Self Released
Three similar bands: At the Drive In/Fugazi/Bullet for my Velentine
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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