Road of the Gypsy

Label: Yesterrock/Germusica
Three similar bands: Toto/Foreigner/Journey
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Road Of The Gypsy
02. Northern Shores
03. Broken Hearted Bound
04. Summer Nights
05. Faraway Eyes
06. The Kid's Got A Will To Live
07. The Pressure's On
08. Michael
09. Photograph (Time Passes On)

Marc Gilbert (Lead Vocals)
Brian Pastoria (Drums, Percussion)
Marc Pastoria (Piano, Synthesizers))
Bruce Schafer (Bass)
Michael Romeo (Lead Guitar)
Flash (Rhythm Guitar)
Jimmy Romeo (Saxophone)

DC Drive (1992)
Iron Eagle (1985)
Road of the Gypsy (1985)
American Heart (1984)



Released 23/11-2012
Reviewed 18/12-2012


Adrenalin was once flowing in the bodies of these guys for their band with the same name, especially when releasing this album back in 1986. We have also heard them in the Iron Eagle soundtrack and they had a minor hit with the title track of this album which is a rather recognisable song I would say. But what about this album, I mean it was released a very long time ago now, 26 years and a lot has happened in music since that and many of these forgotten bands are forgotten for a reason but every once in a while Yesterrock does dig up something rather brilliant. This time however, they have found something that is best described as ordinary.

Musically it is AOR, with catchy choruses, with the keyboards that is quite typical of the genre and the time typical synthetic sounding drums. Not very heavy or offensive, it is in line with the times and it sounds dated even though it is remastered. The album is not particularly varied either but their are some saxophones and such which was also quite common back in the eighties, I would say that this probably was considered quite ordinary back then and I would say that it is still ordinary today albeit with an out of date sound.

Not that impressive, it is a good album and I particularly like the title track but there is no getting around the fact that this album sounds terribly out of date and after all there are several new albums after this one that has come around and shown a lot more good stuff and ideas. So even if it is alright it is quite difficult to really see a point with the album, the question that springs to mind is why someone figured it was a good idea to remaster and rerelease this album. To me it would have been best forgotten and buried as we now get one more of these most ordinary albums to wade through when looking for something to listen to.

The first song is great the rest of the songs are alright and the album as a whole is also a decent, albeit forgetful, listen. So if you like music of this era maybe you should take a look, if you don’t there are much more interesting and new music elsewhere. I think for me the road of the gypsy is one that I stay away from.



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