Midnight Stench

1. The Shining
2. Cryptic Broadcast
3. Anthem to the Death March
4. Last Resting Place
5. Jacko's Funeral Pyre
6. Sleepless Matter
7. Broken Gravestone
8. Necrolumbatory
9. Hitchcock Screaming in Phobia
10. The Early Years

Mr. Jacko (Bass, Guitars)
Mr. Hitchcock (Vocals)




Released 27/6-2011
Reviewed 24/9-2011


The horror movie soundtrack (or something like that), called 'Midninght Stench' by the band Zombiefication is released by Osmose Production and comes with a stench of rotten corpses. Much more isn't really necessary to say, but I guess I will do anyway.

As an album released by French Osmose, I must say I get somewhat positive surpriced by this album. Normally when I read "Osmose" my stomach twists like a bag full of lobsters because, to you who don't bother to keep track on which label that releases what, when osmose releases albums it's normally full of toned down dark metal without melodies and full of sounds that could come from the age of Jesus recorded on a ceramic vase or something. However, Zombiefication doesn't sound anything like that. Pretty soon I can trace music within the sounds coming out of the speakers and not just noises following eac hother without real point or purpose. I actually feel quite much of this album sounds like music, with rhythm and melodies.

The music on 'Midninght Stench' is hard, aggressive and heavy. The guitars makes the sound of a tousand plutons with military marching on a gravel field in northern Montana. The guitars are fast, simple overall and so is the bass and the drums. The vocals reminds me of Christian Bale when he does his batman voice in the new Batman movies, but more shouting. He shouts "I'M BATMAN!" over and over but in a language that makes it sound more as if he's vomiting and screams in agony because an anvil has landed on his foot. If there's one thing I think this album is reminding me of, it would be the war between Israeli and Palestines. Boom in a bus. Boom by a bomb. Boom on a café. Boom by a missile. Boom by a landmine. Boom as a whole city is blown away. Pain and anxiety from wounded shouting. Militaries running on the streets followed by tanks. An ambulance traveling really fast with wounded inside. A bomber flying low and dropping big pills that explodes all over the dessert. Tanks and cavalries travelling through the desert. A wall is built. Yeah… that's about it.

This 41 minutes long album, consisting of ten tracks of death metal in the same vein as the countrymen of Hallowed created in Stockholm some 20 years ago. It doesn't suck and is actually quite decent all the way through but I wouldn't say it's a milestone or soon to be classic. What this is is a somewhat melodic raw death metal album. Not overly primitive, but pretty far away from the sophisticated über melodic Gothenburgh death metal and its technical and shiny surface. If you like death metal that's simple, raw and angry - then you'll probably find Zombiefication as a band that will work for you. Personally, I'm no fan of this but this album does absolutely do the job.


Label: Osmose
Tre liknande band: Entombed/Dismember/Murder Squad
Betyg: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Caj Källmalm

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