01. Best Is Still To Come
02. Shadow Of A Lie
03. You Know
04. Summertime Radio
05. Catch Me
06. Take A Look Around
07. Heat Of The Night
08. I Can’t Stop
09. Hard Times
10. Suspicious Heart
11. Ordinary Man
12. Heat Of The Night (Bonus-Video)

Rick Worrall (Vocals, Keyboards)
Steve Worrall (Guitars)
Chris Brockway (Bass)
Angelo Earle, Sean Lane (Guitar)
‘Bic Mac’ (Drums)
Jimi Jamison (Backing vocals)



Jim Spake saxophone
Don Garbutt keyboards
Felton Pilate keyboards, backing vocals

Released 29/7-2011
Reviewed 9/9-2011


Canadian Worrall brothers did only release this one album back in the nineties, an album that according what little information I could muster up was quite successful but that is something I had a very hard time to verify as it was more or less impossible to dig up any information about the album or the band. At least the label Yesterrock think it is an album worth giving out again, looking at it you will not doubt that it is from that era looking at it. The title of this only album is the same as the band, and as stated it is now once again available for the one who wants it.

Musically it will not really win any contests if the contests is about coming up with your own ideas that sounds like your own, that meaning that the band has a fairly typical AOR/melodic rock sound. There are lots of keyboards, the guitars are very melodic and then there are some additions with saxophone and the likes of that. I would also have to add that this album hasn’t really aged well, it sounds as old or even older than it is. Like a genre production from the era, kind of plasticky and not that modern. The album has eleven tracks and it will take you around 44 minutes to play it all the way through.

I think this is a decent album, but honestly it does not offer anything new and I have a hard time finding the reason for this being redistributed as it is far from the quality that most of the albums being rereleased by Yesterrock. The production sounds way old and it probably felt old when the album was released as well, it is not a fantastic album in that regard. I must say though that the songs are good, not groundbreaking or fantastic just good. And overall I have to say that this is a decent album as I cannot really find anything to actually fault it for other than the fact that it sounds old.

So in the end it is a nice album to have as little background music or whatever you intend to use it for, it will surely not be something you want to actively listen to but while driving or working or something in that area it will be a nice little album to have. The songs are all alright as well, nothing standing out in either way which is why this review became quite short as I have a hard time finding anything to say about the album.

Perhaps it will be an album mostly for those who are into collecting a lot of music, for those who wants something good to listen to I would say that there are much better alternatives, Worrall is a an okay album but nothing more than that.



Label: Yesterrock/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Survivor/Rick Worrall/Toto
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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