We are the Damned
Holy Beast

1. The Anti-Doctrine
2. Serpent
3. Throne of Lies
4. Devorador Dos Mortos
5. Christian Orgy
6. Diogo Alves 1841
7. Atrocity Idol
8. Summon the Black Earth
9. Viral Oration
10. The Glorious Grisly
11. Vengeance Havoc
12. Raping the Law of the Land
13. Lucifer VIP (Chapter II)
14. Neo Pigs

Ricardo Correia - Guitar, Vocals
Ricardo Cabrita - Guitar
André Teixeira - Bass
Paulo Lafaia - Drums

The Shape of Hell to Come (2008)

Ulf Blomberg (prod)

Released 25/2-2011
Reviewed 18/3-2011


I think that such a statement is quite a bold one, I mean anyone who reads it would be, along with company, a damned person. Portugal’s Death’n’rollers or Hardcorers are returning with their second studio album in the career. They do it with the same producer as Exhale whom I celebrated in a very long review some time ago. It would look like this album has good possibilities of being well received here at hallowed.se.

It is heavy, powerful, fast, screaming vocals, aggressive and all that hardcore or the classical death’n’roll genre usually tend to subscribe to. It can also be described as taking a jackhammer and using it on your head, exactly like that actually.

It is such amazing music on this album, all the track are brimmed with amazing musical achievements, great hooks and catchy choruses and vocals that just blow your mind, this of course if it had been the latest Star One album but it is not, it is the opposite. Already from the first track I find myself looking for something to ease or end the pain of hearing this album, anything would have worked, like an axe to the head a gun or something similar. The feeling of listening to this album is best described as swimming in the sea amongst billions of poisonous jellyfish and then taking a rest on a beach consisting of Black Mambas instead of sand, and for me at least, that is not a nice feeling.

The fact that the album takes more than fifty minutes to listen through does not really make things more bearable either, fifty minutes of this music is as much fun as being landed on by an Airbus A380 or a heart attack or american stand up comedy. And no matter how much I twist and turn and look underneath the rocks on the disc and whatever have you, I still have a really hard time finding anything that is positive with this album. Good tracks? No there aren’t any. The fact is that the most positive thing about this album is that I do not have to listen to it any more now that I have written this review.

The thing is that this band and the genre they represent feels mostly like they are really working hard to make really bad music and considering that I think this album is really fantastic. The song writing is fantastic, the vocals are just brilliant and the songs are just amazing and all aspects of this album fit well together to fulfil the promise of the genre.

But turning back to the more serious aspects of this album, it is really nothing to waste time on as it has really nothing good. The fact is that I found this album as devastating to my ears as Kakan usually tend to be to the stuff in the store, that is really devastating with quite the lot of consequences like loss of hearing and whatever. I found that most of the time while listening to this album I just wished that it would end and the time I listened it is hard to find anything worth saying something positive about.

I think that the band are really trying to appear hard, cool and heavy but they generally end up being dull and their music lack interest and they are more or less as heavy as the Teletubbies and they are as cool and brutal as a kitten. No, there are a lot of more interesting stuff than this boring album, like lobotomising yourself, permanently closing all breathing channels, a frontal collision at 100 mph, a space walk without space suit and cutting off your ear.

I would state that this album does not really impress anyone, not even the parents of the band. Not even Obama could recommend this album convincingly and he even managed to win the Nobel peace prise just because he is black and managed to become president of the US. We are the Damned really feel as sane as a burning tomato and to be honest, they really suck!

No, there is really no possibility that I will recommend this album, not even if the band pay me, these portuguese guys and their music really stink. It stinks like whatever you think stink very badly. Holy Beast is a Terrific album, if we were speaking in the opposite manner, no one could possibly like this.


Label - Bastardized/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands - Bring me the Horizon/Inevitable End/End Of All
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm