1. Sex Ain’t Love
2. Innocence Gone
3. Snake
4. Dusty’s Revenge
5. Home
6. What Love Can Do
7. Life’s A Song
8. Show Must Go On
9. Cocaine Freight Train
10. Found Forever
11. Candy Man
12. Sunshine
13. Tears In The City
14. The Last Straw

Jerry Dixon – Bass, vocals
Erik Turner – Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Joey Allen – Lead Guitar, vocals
Robert Mason – Lead Vocals
Steven Sweet – Drums, vocals

Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (1989)
Cherry Pie (1990)
Dog Eat Dog (1992)
Ultraphobic (1995)
Belly to Belly (1996)
Greatest & Latest (1999)
Under the Influence (2001)
Born Again (2006)


Produced by Keith Olsen
Mixed by Pat Regan

Released 13/5-2011
Reviewed 4/5-2011


Warrant is a band that was rather successful in the late eighties and early nineties with two albums going double platinum and a few billboard hot100 singles to top it up with, all in all according to their present record company, the band has sold around eight million albums which is quite good I would say, not many of the bands showing up today will get close to those figures.

They have issued themselves a warrant to play loud glam- or hair metal which have matured a bit over the years so you could say that they today is a grown up glam metal band where the roots are still there but the sound have evolved quite a bit, the cheesy ballads have gone away and so has the real arenarock songs which leaves a more raw rock sound with songs that conforms to that premise. They are fourteen these songs and they take almost 54 minutes to play through. The sound can be described as polished but with a slightly scratched surface which means that there is a bit of a dirty rocking sound there in the band which they manage to coney through their music.

If we start out with the positives of this album I can say that they manage to find a really interesting rocking sound, it is polished but at the same time dirty and rocking which is characterised quite well in the opening track which is called Sex Ain’t Love which is a sort of “no shit” title, I think we all know that. Still, the track is despite the silly title a rather good track which as I said characterise the album rather well with the polished yet dirty rocking sound, good energy and a chorus that works quite well, a well placed opener I would say.

Track three Sanke is another track that I kind of like, it is good with the same kind of sound shining through really well thanks to the character of the song. Show Must Go On is another track that is quite good and stands out a bit. My favourite track on the album is Sunshine which is the track that remains when the album stops, it is that great track that you remember an album by. It has a good sound and chorus and is well written and works from start to finish. It is a nice track to say the least, the ending track is another one worth mentioning I think.

Still, these tracks I mention, they are good but not fantastic in any way, maybe the absolute best are really, really good tracks but nothing on the album is that kind of music that really grab my attention, that grips me and firmly holds my attention, nothing on this album does that. The tracks are good but it is one of all these albums that I categorise as “in passing” after the great Indica track with the same name, it is an album you play through, write a review and then you are done with it. It is good to listen to but you don’t really need to play it again when you are done with it, most albums are in this kind of category so it is not surprising that this one is either.

I think that the main problem for this album is that it is way too long, and that might have part in this problem to grab my attention since it starts to drown when the album goes on for too long time, it becomes too much and you start putting away what you heart earlier on the album and tries to remain focused for such a long time. I think that this albums and many with it would have benefitted to get a warrant to search the album and throw out some material, it does not need to be bad, but an album just cannot be too long if it wants to be a really good one.

I think Warrant does make a good album with this one, fans will probably really like it but for me it is just one of those albums, it is good but nothing that make any kind of impression on me, another one to the pile of reviewed and then never played again albums I would guess, there are many good albums in that pile now, many good albums that lacks that little extra edge needed to stand out in a fierce competition.


Label: Frontier Records
Three similar bands: Whitesnake/Def Leppard/Lynch Mob
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm