No Compromise

1. Kynning - Einvaldnir er Her
2. Dreptu Allur
3. Uppruni Vonsku
4. Kynning - Fjórði Ríku
5. Fjórði Ríkins Uppgangur
6. I Eldur og Ðrumur
7. Vondur
8. Hrafnins Auga er sem Speglar á Botni af Satans Svarta Salur
9. Eitt Bergmál ur Framtiðinnar Dagar
10. Kirkjur Skola Brenna (instrumental)
11. Sigurskrift
12. Guð er Dáinn
13. Ekki krist - Opinberun I & II
14. Èg Daemi Oss til Dauða
15. Ekki Nein Verður Saklaus
16. Beitir Hnifar Skera Djupur
17. Höfðingi Satan

disc 2
1. Kill Everyone
2. You Don’t Move Me, I Don’t Give a Fuck (Bathory Cover)
3. Rocka Rolla (Judas Priest Cover)
4. Red Hot (Motley Crue Cover)
5. Love Me Tender (Elvis Cover)
6. Panzer Legions of Vondur
7. The Ravens Eyes are as Mirrors on the Bottom of Satans Black Halls
8. Uppruni Vonsku
9. Eitt Bergmál ur Framtiðinnar Dagar
10. Èg Daemi Oss til Dauða (instrumental)

Tony Särkkä "IT" (Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Violin)
Jim Berger "All" (Vocals)

Vondur (Demo 1995)
Striðsyfirlýsing (1996)
The Galactic Rock'n'Roll Empire (EP 1998)


A. Balogh (Vondur logo)
Desire (Photography)
IT (Producer)
Michael Bohlin (Mixing, Engineering, Remixing, Remastering (on "Striðsyfirlýsing"))
Peter Tägtgren (Mixing, Engineering (on "The Galactic Rock n Roll Empire"))
James Murphy (Mastering (on "The Galactic Rock n Roll Empire"))
Silere Omnia (Artwork)
All (Vondur logo, Artwork
Striðsyfirlýsing was recorded at Helvete Studios 1995.
Originally published by Necropolis Records 1995.
The Galactic Rock n Roll Empire was recorded at Abyss Studios 1996.
Originally published by Necropolis Records 1998
Upprunni Vonsku was recorded at Cunt Krishna studios 1994.

Released 2011
Reviewed 5/10-2011



The major labels are less generous than ever when it comes to letting bands release albums, but this is still no obstacle for bands to still release whatever crap they can come up with through own labels or record labels that seems to do everything they can to throw shit at us.

It's now been 15 years since Vondur released their EP 'The Galactic Rock 'n' Roll Empire' which was their last breath before disappearing. Through the album 'No Compromise' they've returned. The Swedish black metalers with Icelandic lyrics and music copied from the soundtrack from the original Planet Of The Apes mixed with a motorcycle engine on high rews. This album is released on French label Osmose, a label that's one of those labels that does everything to throw shit music on us. Don't believe me? Read up on TotalSelfHatred, Kaoteon and Sjodogg whom all have released albums through Osmose this year and you'll get the point about what I think about their releases. And here comes another Osmose release that have the potential to start world war three, drive animals so crazy that they try to obliterate humanity or perhaps rock the entire planet out of its orbit and in to the sun so that we all burn like you burn in hell when you don't follow the Bible… or something like that.

But to get serious for a short moment here (I know, I know… hard to believe I can be that). This is a very serious question: what kind of momentous psychopathic fucking moron thinks this shit is good?! How can you be so fucking brainless that you think this is good enough to be released on an album? I get so fucking frustrated that I can't even find words to describe my anger about how fucking stupid I think the people that's been recording and releasing this album is! I hate them! And I haven't even met them. Could I send one pile of misery to someone, I would definitely chose the people that's been putting this album together. From time to time I actually laugh at it because it's so pathetic - like the Icelandic vocals. It's like a parody. And from time to time my head aches so bad I would rather take some cyanide to get an end to the misery. And actually, hard to belive, I think this album sounds decent.

'No Compromise' is range over two discs and have a total playing time of one hour and 20 minutes (80 minutes, in other words). The first of the two is undoubtedly the worst, and what bothers me about that is that this is the one that's suppose to be most serious, while the other is is mostly playing about with covers and such, like Rocka Rolla by Judas Priest and Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley. The album is a sort of compilation with previously released songs, and therefore might be considered a sort of "best-of". But… more or less every fucking song the band has ever done is collected on this album and honestly I think it sounds worse than anthrax (not the band)! I would call it "the worst-of"… worst of anything! But then again, somewhere in the middle the odd songs pop up and sounds pretty decent, like the cover songs (except Love me Tender which sucks more than a tornado) are quite okay, when all is considered. I feel I can relate it to something like travelling in a hugely uncomfortable car which then and then play a pretty good song on the radio. Not fun, but when it's at its best still endurable.

The music Vondur play can be recognized from a number of band. Something not too different from a crow croaking like crows normally croak, but in Icelandic. Two drums drumming in the pace of a two stroke engine fast-forwarded. And on top of this, there's someone pushing every key he/she/it can reach on a keyboard in a pre-decided tempo. And then we have some guitars as well, which are trying to recreate that "magical" feeling from the original Planet Of The Apes movie from the 60's. Fantastic! But I say that in a negative way.

I'm actually quite astonished by how anyone can make something that sounds this bad, and the only reason why it doesn't join Kaoteon and TotalSelfHatred on the one H score is due to those odd better songs appearing from time to time. However, to me this compilation of 27 Vondur songs is nothing but a 80 minute long psychological torture that I hope never to experience again. To release an album like this ought to be punishable with termination through acid. And the sentenced should be the album, the artist and the label!


Label: Osmose
Three similar bands: Ophthalamia/War/Abruptum
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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