V8 Wankers
Iron Crossroads

1.) Sworn To Fun Second To None
2.) Winner
3.) Lone Wolf No Club
4.) I Am The Kind Of Guy Who Gets Away With Murder
5.) Iron Crossroads
6.) Your Name
7.) Sweet Blood
8.) You Hate Me I Am So Glad
9.) Dirty Old Man
10.) SBM (Stop Bugging Me)
11.) Give It To Me
12.) Gone Electric
13.) Ride The Rocket
14.) Live By Rock n Roll Die By Rock n Roll

Lutz Vegas – Vocals
Schmuddel – Guitar
Blind Ferenc – Guitar
Marc De Vil – Bass
David Green – Drums

Blown Action Rock (2002)
Automotive Rampage (2003)
The Demon Tweak (2005)
Hell On Wheels (2007)
Foxtail Testimonial (2010)



Released 18/4-2011
Reviewed 17/4-2011


The cover of this V8 Wankers album looks like a graffiti painting from someone that either love or hate Jesus (I have difficulties telling which). And yellow lines. The album is called 'Iron Crossroads' and is the sixth album from this car crazy Germans that would love to handjob the cylinders in an American muscle car. Good luck! I bet it ends up with a happy family that have a house with pool and station wagon with room enough to get their pet badger in the back. 'Iron Crossroads' stinks from oil, exhaust and motor racing, which evidently ends up in an old and rusty sports car that someone has removed the body from. I must say that I get a bit pessimistic whether this trip will be good or bad as I sit down in the worn seats and strap myself down with the cobra used as seat belt.

At first it seems to be a short trip as the engine doesn't fire away but keeps trying to ignite the first minute or so- No point doing a journey in something that doesn't even start but with the first song out of the way the engine light up like a light house and the album fires away with the song Winner. In our trip we're torn on a pretty straight but hilly ride through punk rock, hard rock, hardcore and some heavy metal along the way. When we reach our final destination (without dying, hopefully - fooling death), called Live by Rock n Roll Die by Rock n Roll, we've passed 11 songs after setting of from track two. And we've done the trip in decent time where the memories from our stops at I Am The Kind Of Guy That Gets Away With Murder, Iron Crossroads and Dirty Old Man have put some smiles on our faces. We've managed without annoying punctures and engine failures, but the big question is whether the trip was a good one?

Well, the kids did become so boring they started to nag "are we there yet" a couple of times beginning as soon as Lone Wolf No Club and then as we passed SBM (Stop Bugging Me) and Give It To Me it only got worse. Despite the short trip we had a halt by the bluesy Sweet Blood before setting of to You Hate Me I'm So Glad, roaring all eight cylinders with high rpm. The sound of the engine filled the air like a symphony sounding like punk rocky heavy metal. You could almost imagine a hoarse voice somewhere singing repetitive choruses and up-tempo verses. The tires hit the road like up-beat drums and if you had a really good imagination you could almost heard screaming guitars in the shouty engine on both high and low rews.

Overall I find it as a comfortable trip. The noises form the engine and road wasn't too loud though it was a noisy trip in the same way as a rock concert could be. The worn seats are sporty and made for short travels without being too uncomfortable and they lack the unnecessary luxury with heat, massage and personal trainers. They are seats, no more - no less and they work for taking the trip through the record landscape.

I don't love the chassi we've done the trip to put on the car, it's too much of a sport chassi without the feeling of style, passion and technical progress and advancement and such, though I think it's good enough. As a whole this was a decent adventure (or album) in a OK car (or band) and it's neither the best of the best or worst ever. Simply put, an album to wank V8s with.


Label - SPV/Playground
Three similar bands - The Awesome Machine/Aggressive Chill/Bullet
Recensent: Caj Källmalm